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    Bourbonism is a political ideology originating from the Middle Ages in the Kingdom of France and the House of Bourbon. It's based around and in the developments of Feudalism in France during the Medieval period.


    The House of Bourbon was first founded in 953 when in split off from the Capetians. Knight Aymar or Adhemar was the first Bourbon ever and the start of the First House of Bourbon. The First House of Bourbon died out in 1218 when Mathilde I, Lady of Bourbon died. The House of Bourbon came back as the House of Bourbon-Dampierre, or the Second House of Bourbon, with Archambaud VIII the Great, Lord of Bourbon in 1242. The Third House of Bourbon, more simply known as the House of Bourbon and the Current House of Bourbon, started in 1256 with Robert de France, Count of Clermont. The House of Bourbon ruled France quite Feudally for multiple centuries and greatly expanded the borders of France throughout their reign to match something similar to the modern one. The House of Bourbon was originally deposed in 1792 with the Jacobins cutting King Louis XVI's head off and arresting his wife during the War of the First Coalition and aftermath of the French Revolution. The House of Bourbon was restored to power in France in 1814 and 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. The House of Bourbon was deposed again in 1830 after the July Revolution.

    Personality & Behavior

    Bourbonism likes to betray revolutionaries by running off to Belgium every time a revolution happens in France. They also like to have their political opponents arrested.

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    Relationships (wip)


    • Catholic Theocracy - The Clergy will all get BRAND NEW PORSCHES! Also thanks for those "divine rights".
    • Aristocracy - The Nobility will also all get BRAND NEW PORSCHES!


    • Constitutional Monarchism - Fine France will now be a constitutional monarchy... Alright second time is the charm! But Charles X WILL DESTROY YOU!


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