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    Hi Antcent.pngJreg, I hate your content😈!!!!

    If you have any questions about my ideology, reach me at +1 614-980-4615 or borkerface2007@outlook.com

    Borker Thought
    is the ideology of Borker thought pixels hat.png Borker, The People's Mod of Ideology Polls.

    It is anAwaj.png Anarchist and economically far-left ideology that was cobbled together from the thoughts of Borkerface1776. He strongly hates Marx and the intelligentsia, who he believes are authoritarians who care little about the workers. He is mostly influenced by Bakunin and Machajski.

    -Table of Contents-


    Borker Thought emerged from the personal journey of Borker, who became an anarchist and sought to define his political beliefs more coherently.

    Previously Borker thought pixels hat.png Borker had been a Dsa.png Democratic Socialist, but became more libertarian through listening to their arguments, which pushed Borker into being an anarchist.

    Political Journey

    1. 2007-2018 Apolit.png Was raised relatively progressive as my parents were.
    2. 2018-2019 Nordmodel.png I was the standard Bernie supporter who idolized the Nordic System of Social Democracy.
    3. 2019-2020 Trot.png Had started to drift more radical as the pandemic set in, specifically got into Trotskyism from reading Mandel, and I considered myself a Mandelist.
    4. 2020-2020 Councom.png My short lived bout as a council communist started as I read into the Spartacists.
    5. 2020-2022 Dsa.png I started to get less radical as the pandemic calmed down, I was the standard DSA supporter (still am a card-carrying member of the organization), I was kind of an American Nationalist and Isolationist as well.
    6. 2022-2022 Awaj.png Started to tread more and more libertarian as I was exposed to them, and eventually started considering myself an anarchist without adjectives.
    7. 2022- Acol.png What I've been for a while now, I developed into this as I read more into classic anarchist theorists like Bakunin and Kropotkin. I still consider myself this, as I don't actually call myself a "Borkerist" in real life.


    Borker Thought
    is a political ideology that represents the views of Borker thought pixels.png Borkerface. The ideology is based on a combination of Acol.pngAnarcho-Collectivism, DemCon.png Democratic Confederalism, Soc.png Socialism, and anti-intellectualism. The central tenet of Borker Thought is the belief that power should be aligned with the people, and that the collective good should be the ultimate goal.

    Borker Thought advocates for the Makhaevism.png collectivization of knowledge and goods to strip the power the intelligentsia, and to provide for everyone. It calls for the workers to own the means of production and for the environment to be respected. The ideology seeks to create a society that prioritizes the well-being of all its members and is characterized by worker self-management, direct democracy, and community solidarity.

    The economic vision of Borker Thought centers around the idea of worker ownership and control of the means of production. This means that the workers, rather than a small group of owners, would control the resources and decision-making power in the workplace. Borker Thought sees this as a way to promote greater economic democracy and to eliminate the exploitation of labor by capital.

    In addition to worker ownership, Borker Thought advocates for a strong social safety net, with access to basic necessities such as healthcare, education, and housing guaranteed as a basic human right. The ideology also emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability, with a focus on green energy, local food systems, and sustainable agriculture.

    5 Principles of Borker Thought

    • Awaj.png The immediate abolition of the state after the revolution.
    • Soc.png The equality of every working man and woman, and the belief of revolution over cravenly reformism.
    • Community.png Local, community-based economies that prioritize the needs of the people who live there.
    • NorseTheo.png Upholding the values of nationalism and religion as important cultural aspects that strengthen communities.
    • Commie.png The vision of a society where individuals are not forced to sell their labor for a wage, goods are not solely produced for exchange, and possessions are not privately owned.


    Rather than a hierarchical structure with a small number of elected officials making decisions on behalf of the people, it calls for a system of direct democracy where decisions are made by the people themselves.

    In this system, the government would be organized into decentralized, horizontally organized collectives that are empowered to make decisions on issues affecting their particular community. These collectives would be networked together through DemCon.png Democratic Confederalism, allowing for coordination on broader issues and the sharing of resources and information. Issues would be voted on through the community

    In addition to the other elements, it also draws on the principles of Classnat.png Classical Nationalism. This aspect of the ideology emphasizes the importance of a shared cultural identity and collective heritage as the foundation for a strong and unified society. It seeks to seclude itself from other cultures, so it can keep a shared identity and common goals. By combining the principles of classical nationalism with those of collectivism and socialism, Borker Thought presents a vision for a society that is both unified and egalitarian.

    Technological Beliefs

    Borker Thought recognizes the benefits of technology in advancing society, but is wary of the negative effects it can have on people's lives and the environment. It advocates for a more sustainable and equitable approach to technology, which prioritizes the well-being of individuals and the planet over materialistic gain.

    Borker Thought emphasizes the need for a balanced and holistic approach to technology, which takes into account its impact on society, the environment, and human well-being. It seeks to promote a lifestyle that is less dependent on material possessions and consumption, and more focused on community, creativity, and personal growth.

    Borker Thought also supports the development of technologies that are geared towards improving the quality of life for all people, such as clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and accessible healthcare. It believes that technology should be used as a tool to empower individuals and communities, and not as a means of control or exploitation.


    Borker Thought's economic system is based on the principles of Dsa.png Democratic Socialism and Acol.png Anarcho-Collectivism. It seeks to create a society where wealth and resources are equitably distributed, and where individuals have control over their own lives and livelihoods. The system is designed to eliminate the exploitation of labor and ensure that everyone's basic needs are met.

    One of the key features of Borker Thought's economic system is the use of labor vouchers. These vouchers are given to workers based on the amount of time they spend working, rather than the amount of money they earn. This ensures that everyone is compensated fairly for their labor, regardless of their skills or the type of work they do. Labor vouchers can be used to purchase goods and services, and are non-transferable, which means they cannot be bought or sold.

    To ensure that goods and services are produced and distributed efficiently, Borker Thought's economic system uses artificial markets. These markets are designed to simulate the conditions of a market economy, but without the exploitation and inequality that comes with it. Artificial markets are controlled by the community, which sets prices based on the cost of production and the needs of the community. This allows for the efficient allocation of resources and ensures that everyone has access to the goods and services they need.

    In addition to labor vouchers and InclusiveDem.png artificial markets, It's economic system also emphasizes the importance of Community.png communal ownership of the means of production. This means that land, resources, and factories are owned and managed collectively by the community, rather than by individuals or corporations. This ensures that everyone has an equal stake in the economy, and that resources are used in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

    Foreign Policy

    The foreign policy of Borker thought pixels.png Borker Thought is rooted in the principles of Pac.png pacifism, Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism, and Uninat.png nationalism. It sees peace as a necessary precondition for the development of a just and equitable society, and as such, it rejects military intervention and war as a means of resolving conflicts. Rather, it advocates for the use of diplomacy and nonviolent conflict resolution to promote peace and stability both domestically and internationally.

    Borker thought pixels.png Borker Thought is also fiercely anti-imperialist, rejecting any attempt by one nation to exert political or economic influence over another. It believes in the right of all nations to self-determination and autonomy, and sees the imposition of external political or economic systems as a form of oppression.

    At the same time, Borker Thought is firmly grounded in the principles of nationalism, and sees the protection of national sovereignty as a crucial component of its foreign policy. It rejects the idea of internationalism, as well as also opposing the formation of military alliances or pacts, seeing these as potential threats to national sovereignty and the principles of peace and nonviolence.

    Military Structure

    The military would be composed of volunteers from the general population, who would undergo rigorous training in nonviolent conflict resolution, crisis management, and emergency response. Rather than relying on weapons and force, the military would prioritize diplomatic efforts and the use of nonviolent methods to resolve conflicts.

    In addition to its defensive role, the military would also play a critical role in disaster relief efforts, responding to natural disasters and other emergencies domestically. It would be structured in a decentralized manner, with a focus on community engagement and cooperation, and would work closely with local and regional authorities to provide timely and effective response.


    At the core of Borker thought pixels.png Borker Thought's cultural philosophy is a strong sense of national identity and pride, which emphasizes the unique traditions, history, and values of the community. The ideology recognizes the role of culture in shaping social norms and values, and seeks to promote a culture of equality, cooperation, and mutual respect. It supports the arts and humanities, and seeks to provide equal access to cultural institutions and resources for all members of society.

    Borker Thought's social views are deeply rooted in the principles of justice, equity, and solidarity. It recognizes the importance of addressing systemic inequalities and promoting social and economic justice, and seeks to empower marginalized and oppressed communities. It supports policies that promote access to healthcare, education, and other basic necessities, and seeks to create a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

    Social Views

    Culturally, Borker thought pixels.png Borker Thought is moderately progressive, supporting LGBTQ+ Rights, though not liking SJW types, seeing them not as a force for positive change, but an obstacle to progress. It view SJWs as overly focused on identity politics, and believe that this focus can lead to division and tribalism. Borker Thought also disagrees with the tactics used by some SJWs, such as "cancel culture" and online harassment, which it see as counterproductive and harmful to free speech.

    The New Family Unit

    Borker Thought's progressive views do not conflict with its view of the family as a foundational element of society. While Borker Thought seeks to challenge traditional notions of the family, it does not seek to abolish it altogether. Instead, it recognizes that the family is a vital social unit that provides stability and support for individuals. It believes that the family should be reimagined to better reflect the diverse needs and experiences of modern society. This means that the traditional nuclear family model, consisting of a heterosexual married couple and their children, should be broadened to include different family structures such as same-sex couples. Borker Thought seeks to promote cultural family values that prioritize love, respect, and acceptance of all family members, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Borker Thought also emphasizes the importance of loyalty to one's country and community. The ideology supports a strong sense of nationalism and believes that families should instill a sense of pride in their nation and its cultural values. It also believes that the family should serve as a spiritual center, promoting a connection to the gods and a sense of religious faith. The ideology emphasizes the importance of maintaining traditional religious values and promoting the spiritual growth of individuals and families.

    As a collectivist ideology, Borker Thought places great importance on the well-being of the community and the family. As mentioned before, it seeks to establish new cultural family values that prioritize the collective over the individual. One of these value is a commitment to caring for and supporting elderly family members. Borker Thought believes that the elderly should be seen as a valuable resource and that their contributions to society should be recognized and appreciated. It also emphasizes the importance of intergenerational solidarity, encouraging families to work together and support one another in order to achieve common goals. Another key value is the importance of education within the family unit. Borker Thought believes that parents should be actively involved in their children's education and that education should be seen as a collective responsibility rather than an individual one.

    Reform and Revolution

    Borker Thought recognizes that reform can be a useful tool for improving the lives of people in the short term, but it ultimately sees revolution as the only means of achieving it's ideal society, as reformism merely pacifies the proletariat.

    One of the main issues with reform is that it often fails to address the root causes of systemic injustices. Reforms may provide temporary relief, but they often do not fundamentally alter the structures that allow oppression to persist.

    While reform may seem more palatable to some because it appears less disruptive and risky, Borker Thought argues that it ultimately falls short in achieving true systemic change. Revolution may be a more difficult and arduous path, but it has the potential to create a society that is truly just and equitable for all. For this reason, Borker Thought ultimately favors revolution over reform as the means reaching it's goals for society.

    How the Revolution would look

    Since Borker Thought advocates for a decentralized society, the revolution would begin with the establishment of local councils that would work to coordinate efforts towards overthrowing the current power structures. These councils would be made up of individuals from different sectors of society, including workers, farmers, students, etc., who would come together to develop strategies for achieving their goals.

    The revolution would begin with a period of mass mobilization, including strikes, protests, and other forms of direct action. The goal of this initial stage would be to disrupt the functioning of the capitalist economy and demonstrate the power of the working class. As the revolution progressed, workers and other groups would begin to seize control of factories, farms, and other means of production. This would involve the establishment of workers' councils and other forms of democratic decision-making to ensure that the new system was truly controlled by the people. Throughout the revolution, the working class would need to remain vigilant against attempts by the ruling class to regain control. This might involve sabotage, violence, or other forms of resistance, and would require a high level of organization and discipline on the part of the revolutionaries.

    In Borker Thought, the People's Courts are envisioned as a means of bringing capitalists to justice for their crimes against the people. These courts would be established as part of the revolutionary process, and would be designed to operate outside the existing legal system, which is seen as corrupt and controlled by the capitalist class. The People's Courts would be ran directly by the people, rather than chosen from the existing legal establishment, with each person having the same vote to issue a verdict. The trials held in the People's Courts would be conducted in a way that is transparent and accessible to everyone. The accused capitalists would have the right to a fair trial, with the opportunity to present evidence and call witnesses in their defense. However, the people would also have the right to hold the capitalists accountable for their crimes, and the judges and juries would be instructed to take into account the harm done to society by their actions. The punishments handed down by the People's Courts would be designed to serve the interests of the people, rather than those of the capitalist class. These would include exile or execution in extreme cases, with confiscation of assets being inherent.

    Another part of the revolution would be the militias. The goal of the militia force would be to defend the revolution and the people against any potential threats from counter-revolutionary forces, including state militaries and private security forces employed by capitalist interests. To achieve this, the militia force would be armed and trained to defend themselves and the community, but not to engage in offensive military action. The formation of the militia force would begin with community organizing and the development of local defense committees. These committees would be responsible for training members in self-defense, as well as establishing communication networks and coordinating with neighboring communities. As the revolution progresses, these local defense committees would merge into larger regional defense forces, with decisions made through democratic processes and consensus-building. To maintain accountability and prevent the development of hierarchies, the militia force would be subject to regular review and oversight by the community. This would include open meetings where decisions are made democratically, as well as the rotation of leadership positions to prevent the accumulation of power in any one individual.


    Have Read

    • Kropotkin beard.png - The Conquest of Bread
    • PKK-icon-pcb.png - Kurdistan, Woman's Revolution and Democratic Confederalism
    • BakuninHeg.png - God and the State
    • Kropotkin beard.png - Mutual Aid
    • BakuninHeg.png - Statism and Anarchy
    • Obj.png - Atlas Shrugged
    • Ormarxf.png - The Communist Manifesto
    • Ormarxf.png - The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
    • Ormarxf.png - The German Ideology
    • Natan.png - The National Anarchist Manifesto
    • Ancom.png - Anarchy
    • Luxem.png - Leninism Or Marxism

    Plan to Read

    • Makhaevism.png - A Radical Critic of the Russian Intelligentsia and Socialism
    • Makhaevism.png - State Socialism
    • Makhaevism.png - The Socialist Religion and Worker Struggle


    • Feel free to add whatever book you'd like me to read here!

    YngHeg.png The Reaction in Germany - BakuninHeg.png Makhail Bakunin (By LordCompost (RIP) )
    Anti-Intellectualism.png Marxism and the Problem of Power and Anarchism in From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Dislocation of Power - Post-an.png Saul Newman (By LordCompost (RIP) )
    Anti-Marx.png Anarchism, Marxism and the Bonapartist State - Post-an.png Saul Newman (By LordCompost (RIP) )
    Strasser.png Germany Tomorrow - OttoStrasser.png Otto Strasser (By Jonah.png JonahF2014)

    Antisoc.png The Road to Serfdom - Hayek.png Friedrich Hayek (By MEAR.png )

    Ormarxf.png Origins of the Family, State, and Private Property by Carl Mark (By Murb.png Lsag)
    Councom.png Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution by the GIK (By Murb.png Lsag)
    Councom.png Socialism and Anarchism by Antonie Pannekoek (By Murb.png Lsag)
    Councom.png Trade Unionism by Antonie Pannekoek (By Murb.png Lsag}
    Councom.png Workers' Councils (1947) by Antonie Pannekoek (By Murb.png Lsag}
    Bordiga.png The Democratic Principle by Haji Ahmad Bordiga (By Murb.png Lsag}
    Ormarxf.png Kapital by Karl Marx (By Soymund ball pixels.png Soymund)
    Sorel.png Reflections on Violence - Georges Sorel (by Jefsynd.png JefBol)
    Sorel.png The Socialist Future of the Syndicates - Georges Sorel (by Jefsynd.png JefBol)
    Deleon.png Socialism vs Anarchism - Daniel de Leon (by Jefsynd.png JefBol)

    Finished Suggestions

    Libmarx.png The Communist Manifesto - Ormarxf.png Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles (By O'Langism.png O'Langism)

    User Tests

    Pick only one from each category :3
    • Civic Axis
      • Anego.png Chaoist (-10)
      • Awaj.png Anarchist (+25)
      • PCB-Minarchist.png Minarchist (+10)
      • Libsoc.png Libertarian (+5)
      • Moder.png Civically Moderate (+0)
      • Statist.png Statist (-5)
      • Auth-template.png Dictablanda (-10)
      • Sec.png Authoritarian (-25)
      • PCB-Totalitarian.png Totalitarian (-50)
      • Ingsocf.png Orwellian (-100)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • AntiDem.png (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-10)
      • Directdem.png Direct Democracy (+25)
      • Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy (+10)
      • Dem.png Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy (-5)
      • Totdem.png Totalitarian Democracy (-25)
      • AntiDem.png (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-50)
    • If none above apply...
      • LeftCom.png Organic Centralism (+3)
      • Socnatbook.png Kultokratic System (+5)
    • Economic Axis
      • Marx (alt).png Marxist Communist (+1)
      • PCB-Soc.png Socialist (+5)
      • PCB-Welf.png Welfarist/Gift Economy GE.png (+10)
      • MSocdem.png Mixed (-5)
      • LfreeLib.png Liberal Economics (-10)
      • PCB-Cap.png Capitalist (-50)
      • Darwinist.png Darwinist (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • 3P.png Third Positionism (-5)
      • AntiEconomy.png Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Acol.png Non-Marxist Communist (+25)
      • FiscalFedBall.png Fiscal Federalism (+5)
    • Economic Freedom
      • AntiEconomy.png Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Dirigisme.png Dirigisme (-15)
      • Regulationism.png Regulationism (-10)
      • MSocdem.png Mixed (-10)
      • LfreeLib.png Liberal Economics (-15)
      • Marketeconomy.png Free Market (-25)
      • Austrobert.png Laissez-Faire (-50)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central.png Central Planned (-25)
      • Decentral.png Decentral Planned (+25)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarch.png Autarchy (-25)
      • Autarky.png Autarky (+25)
      • World.png (Alter-) Globalist (+5)
      • PCB-World Federalism2.png World Federalist (-10)
      • Cosmo.png Cosmopolitan (-5)
      • Internation.png Internationalist (-5)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+0)
      • Modnat.png Patriotic (+3)
      • Nation.png Nationalist (+25)
      • Chauv.png Chauvinist (+5)
      • Racenat.png Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-5)
      • Ethnonat.png Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (+15)
    • Geopolitics
      • Cball-NATO.png Western Cball-USA.png (-100)
      • Cball-Ukraine.png Western Adjacent (-10)
      • NAM.png Non-Aligned (+15)
      • Cball-Mongolia.png East Adjacent (-10)
      • NeoComBall.png Eastern Cball-Russia.png (-15)
    • If none above apply...
      • Awaj.png Anarchistic Unaligned (+25)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Violentprog.png Revolutionary (-25)
      • Prgess.png Progressive (+0)
      • ProgCultStandards.png Reformist (+5)
      • Progconf.png Syncretic (+25)
      • Conservative.png Conservative (+10)
      • PCB-Trad.png Traditionalist (+0)
      • Reactcross.png Reactionary (-5)
    • Technological Axis
      • Prim.png Primal (+0)
      • Anprim.png Primitivist (+3)
      • Neolud.png Pre-Industrial (+10)
      • Decel.png Deceleration (+25)
      • Moder.png Moderate (+10)
      • Smol biotranshumanism.png Acceleration (-25)
      • Post-Industrialism.png Automated (-10)
      • Transh.png Transhumanist (-50)
      • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Posthumanist (-100)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • PCB-Postciv.png Post-Civ (+0) [and/or] Antrans.png Archeofuturism (+3)
    • Environmental Axis
      • VHMent.png Human Extinction (-100)
      • Radenv.png Radical Environmentalism (+25)
      • PCB-Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism (-10)
      • Ecocent.png Ecocentrism (+15)
      • Envi.png Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moder.png Moderate (-5)
      • Post-Industrialism.png Post-Industrialism (+0)
      • Indust.png Industrialist (-25)
      • HumanisticCapitalism.png Anthropocentric (-25)
      • AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism (-100)
    • Neurological Axis
      • Annil.png Anti-Praxis (0)
      • Utsoc.png Utopian (+50)
      • Hoxha.png Dogmatic (-10)
      • Idealist.png Idealist (+30)
      • Moder.png In Between (+5)
      • PCB-Mach.png Realist (+10)
      • Pragmat.png Pragmatic (+5)
      • PCB-Technocracy.png Rational (0)
      • Dystoball.png Dystopian (-25)
      • Polpot.png Anti-Theory (-5)
    • War Axis
      • Pac.png Pacifism (+25)
      • Isolationist.png Non-engagement (+25)
      • ModIsol.png De-escalation (+0)
      • NeoconHelm.png Intervention (-25)
      • Irredentism.png Irredentism (+0)
      • Revanchismf.png Revachism (-25)
      • Jingoism.png Jingoism (-50)
    • If none above apply...
      • Marx (alt).png Class Warfare (+3)
    • Ethnic Axis
      • Cball-China.png Chinese (-5)
      • Cball-India.png Indian (-5)
      • Asian-template.png Other Asian (+0)
      • Cball-ASEAN.png Other Southeast Asian(+5)
      • European Federalism.png Western European (+5)
      • Panscan.png Northen European (+25)
      • PanCelt.png Celtic (+10)
      • Slavnat.png Eastern European (+10)
      • Cball-Italy.png Southern European (+5)
      • Cball-US.png American (-5)
      • Cball-UnionSouthAmerica.png South American (+5)
      • Blacknat.png African (-5)
      • Cball-Saudi.png Arabian (-5)
      • Zio.png Jewish (-50)
      • Cball-Indonesia.png Indonesian (+10)
      • Cball-North Korea.png Korean (+10)

    Post your results here:

    How to Draw

    Flag of Borker Thought
    1. Draw a ball with a white outline
    2. Fill it with black (PCB dark gray)
    3. Divide the ball in half diagonally, from bottom left to top right
    4. Fill the upper half with Red, and the lower half with grey
    5. Draw a gear in Borkerist Gold™® as pictured on the black half of the ball
    6. Add eyes and it's complete


    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Borkerist Gold™® #FF9600 255, 150, 0
    Red #F80000 248, 0, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Dark Grey #1C1C1C 28, 28, 28


    If I added you here, please check the talk page again as I most likely have asked you to add me

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    • CringeLibSocPixel.png Kropotkin-Gene Synthesis - My homie LibSoc, we agree like 70-80% of the time, and you're also the one who made the OG Ball for Borker Thought.
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism Incredibly Based, like holy shit. Literally the only thing I dislike about your ideology is the internationalism and the anti-nationalism, the latter being understandable, considering how Modern Nationalism has been twisted
    • KKKonor pixels2.png Conorism Wtf Based Egoist!?!?!?!?!
    • Soymund ball pixels.png Soymvndism Pretty fail ideology, but funny + stole my code so gem
    • Jefsynd.png Jefbol Thought I have read over your page in full like I said I would after it gets more developed, and I can very well say this is the best Marxist ideology I know, even if it's too statist for my taste, but I can get over that. In your section "The State and Socialist Transformation", at the end you talk about anarchists, and I have to disagree, of course. The weapon of violence can be used in anarchist movement, and the same power exercised as the dictatorship of the proletariat, to protect the revolution from outside influence, though I will say with the rest of this section, you have more knowledge than me in Marxian terms, and definitely on Sorel. I will say with your next section "A Marxist Analysis of the Reform-Revolution Debate", I completely agree with that, Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists are one in the same to me, cowardly opportunists whom hijack the word socialist for their own gain, and the small gains achieved under their terms are nothing but shallow "gifts" that can be revoked at any time. I will also say that situationism is really cool and I need to read more about it, please do tell me what works would be good :3. This gets like 9/10, I'd say


    • Fargothism-icon.png National Wodenism Based Germanic pagan, my only gripe with your ideology is that you lean more individualistic than me, if you were to go more collectivist, you’d pretty much be authoritarian me. Incredibly based ideology, 7.5/10
    • Barrettism2.png Barrettism My biggest homie, you're pretty much the more moderate version of me :3
    • SwordCGaming.png SwordComradism Literally me
    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought Extremely based with the socialism, unionism, and progressivism, though the statism and reformism stops you from entering Mega Based
    • Mikolayism Pixel Modern.png Mikolayism (Modern) Very Zased personally, and fellow Machajski Enjoyer Gigachad.png, though I find it hard to pin down your actual beliefs.
    • GanzismIcon2.png Ganzism While you are overly conservative and regressive technologically, you are still an anarchist and collectivism enjoyer, a good comrade
    • Nay-Fur.png Nayism Anti-centrism is based and trad, and so are furrys. As your ideology doesn't have much currently, I can't quite rate it that accurately, but you seem based either way :3.
    • NNGM.png New North German Model - After fully reading your page a couple of times, I think I can say that your ideology is pretty based, though there are minor disagreements, with the only big ones being you're part Swedish the statism and anti-anarchism, the former being not so bad as your ideology doesn't seem overly statist (like surveillance state tier or anything like that), and the anti-anarchism I don't mind much since most people have the same wrong view of anarchism imprinted on them, so it's kinda understandable, and I think my explaining anarchism has kinda eroded some of that. If I was a statist, my ideology would probably be near exactly like yours.
    • Aperson.png Aperson14 Thought Extremely similiar to me in nearly every regard ideologically, though a tadbit statist, though that's not too bad, and you're irreligious which is fine I guess, and really if I were a statist, my ideology would be quite similar to yours, as when it comes to statism I agree with your model of a federalist (semi) direct democractic republic, though you are individualist and post-left, which stops you from entering the tier above. Overall 8/10
    • Kimsoc Sprite.png Kimnostic Socialism Probably one of the best Marxists I know, there isn't much of your ideology I disagree with other than the DotP, though as your describe it, it seems rather decentralized, as usually my problem with the DotP model of socialism is that concentrated power will not fade away into communism, though decentralized models seem to have a better chance at fading away. Currently your page is rather undeveloped though, so I'll probably write a bigger review once it's expanded more :3. Overall 8/10
    • Postaccicon.png Post-Acceleration Thought Not that shabby for a post anarchist, usually you guys are rather big ideology shoppers. My problems with your ideology is the usual gripe I have with modern anarchists, that being not to big a bridge to gap, you being much more individualistic and progressive than I am, though I don't mind the latter all that much. Page is rather empty for me to fully judge right now, but for now, 7.5/10.
    • Hydra.png Hydra'ism You're a rather nice guy to talk too, and that's why you're up this high, but your ideology is not one I'm prone to agree with that often, though we do agree on collectivism, agrarianism, and socialism. Sadly though you support markets over planning, and private over personal property, which is rather cringe, and you're much more of a supremacist than me, as you're a racial white nationalist, and I'm just an ethnic nationalist, and I believe our definition of nationalism might differ as well. Overall 6/10, just drop the market stuff and you'd be much more based.
    • MessardismIcon.png Michael Messard Thought While I don't know a lot of your views, you seem pretty based so far. I don't really have any problem with your ideology as of yet, as you've told me outside of PCBA that you prefer a communistic and very communal system instead of the mutualist economy most national anarchists prefer. Being a Neo-Luddite is also incredibly based, even though I am not one myself, and you're a nationalist too. Though other than that, your views seem pretty alright to based, and seemingly not a wignat either, which is good. around a 7/10, I'll write a much bigger review once your page is more filled out.

    Kinda Yes.png

    • RedTsarina.png Red Tsarism Overall a rather good ideology, the only things I don't like is the exclusion of the LGBT people (though I don't too much mind that honestly), and the statism. Everything else is pretty good, and monarchism can be kinda epic in some cases. And I especially like your acceptance of pagans, despite being a Christian, that is good. solid 7/10 overall, only thing bad is the statism, really.
    • Carrot Icon-3.png CarrotsRppl2ism - A fellow Ideology Polls founding member, his views though aren't that clear, and anarcho-individualism makes no sense to me.
    • BourgeoisieDestroyer.png Bourgeoisie destroyerism Your econ views seem pretty based, and you're a chad Primitivist and Anarchist, though you are too culturally traditional.
    • Atronic.png Atronism BASED TANKIE!?!?!?!? AnCom-ML synthesis is far too wacky for my tastes though
    • Aldath.png Aldathism Pretty based for a "Neo-Nazi" (though from your page it seems you're not quite a nazi), with the pro-lgbtq+ stuff and the agrarian socialism part, and also a fellow pagan
    • Guard-Occo.png National Fracturism Incredibly based for an authoritarian, I love the environmentalism and isolationism, as well as the economics. Though the authoritarianism stops you from entering the above tier. Also based Tinist
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism I love most of you ideology, except for the authoritarianism, though the decentralized part is a bit based. Your view on reformism is also very similar to mine, though I can't like the Lenin love, considering what he did to Makhno and aesthetically I love vanguard parties
    • HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314ism Pretty based for an egoist, and your page was a fun read through, though very long. You seem very well read, although I do not like the individualism that comes with egoism.
    • Ashley.png Neo-AshleyHereism Page is rather empty currently, though from what I can tell you're pretty based, a fellow democratic confederalist, though sadly rejects the label of anarchist.
    • Iconfloofel.png Floofel's Thought Much like the person above, your page is rather short, though it seems based, and I also don't get why you would hate the label of anarchist.
    • Wisconsin Socialism.png Wisconsinite Socialism Page is a bit empty currently, but from what I can tell, you're pretty based, even if you do lean statist.
    • Iberian commie.png Iberian Communism Some of you ideology is rather based, as I love economic planning and the idea of socialism in one country, along with socialist patriotism, though it the ultra-progressivism isn’t the best, along with the authoritarian tendencies that come with your Stalinist elements, which along with that, I assume you deny many of Stalin’s crimes. Definitely one of the better AuthLeft ideologies, but still not that great. 6/10
    • 2x2Master.png 2x2Masterism Your ideology is mostly all stuff I disagree with, the biggest being the statism, liberalism, and Zionism, though the relative progressiveness (sorta), and libertarianism (sorta) are good, though restricting gun rights is unbelievably cringe. Personally you are pretty cool though.
    • Altem.png Altemism Very based for a statist, like surprisingly so. While there are things I don't like about your ideology, like statism and reactionaryism, I don't believe this is too big of a deal, especially for the latter. You're also a fellow Anti-Marxist Socialist and Scandinavian though sadly you are Swedish . Based ideology, about 7/10
    • DoesntExist.png Nonexistism Really mixed bag, I like your focus on a bottom-up model, and guild socialism is pretty based, even if Tripartism isn't my favorite. Your worst element is your authoritarianism, and all that comes with that, though that really is my main problem with your ideology. I would rate this page like 6/10
    • Bsaheedism-icon.png Bsaheed Thought Alright for a left communist, definitely more on the tolerable side. I quite like council communism, and overall decentralized socialism, though of course I am at odds with the anti-nationalism and globalism inherent in Marxist thought. But unlike other Marxists, you seem to realize that a centralized powerful state won't wither away, which is good, and your interpretation of dictatorship of the proletariat is rather good as well. Probably my favorite Marxist self insert, I'd give this like an 6.5/10 or a 7 idk
    • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism From what I can tell from your page, you're rather alright. Anarcho-Communism is of course something I agree with, being a social anarchist myself, though the only thing I really see a problem with in your ideology is individualism, something I am not a big fan of, being a pretty extreme collectivist myself, but that remains the just about the only gripe I have with your ideology, other than that I suspect you're a globalist and multiculturalist, which is of course something I am against as a nationalist. I plan on writing a more full critique if/once your page is filled out more. Overall 6.5-7/10.


    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism Left Wing Nationalism, Steiner-Vallentyne School, and Social Georgism are pretty based, especially in contrast to the sea of liberalism. Overall 5/10
    • NSL.png Pirate Tails Ideology Your ideology is cringe and liberal for the most part, though the libertarianism, nationalism, and progressivism are zased.
    • Edelismpixel.png Edelism You're pretty fun to debate with, and we are both socialist, though you are too statist and liberal. Also you defend NATO, so cringe.
    • Fungaliberalismpixels.png Fungaliberalism Pleasant guy to talk to and to debate, though like Edelism you're both a liberal and a statist ideologically.
    • CheeseCom.png Cheese Communism While I don't like tankies too much, you seem sorta alright, though my stance towards all tankies is left unity without them. Time and time again the tankies have betrayed us during revolution, and the next time it won’t happen. Your ideology is kinda alright, except for the ultra progressivism, and you actually got me interested in reading Mao Zedong, which I've been liking so far, especially the idea of people's war which is a big part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which I've also grown to respect since meeting you :3
    • Panth.png Pantheonism Your economics are pretty based actually, though your civics are pretty cringe, statism is obviously one i would disagree with, and world federalism is an impossible concept. Though there are aspects of your ideology which are better, like the environmentalism, and the kinda socialism. Overall like 5/10, and Market Socialists will never be real Socialists Troll.png
    • Coffeethoughtball.png Coffee Thought Page is too empty to accurately place you so far, though from what I can tell you're alright for a Marxoid. Will write more once it's more fleshed out, same as Jefbol Thought
    • Neohumicon.png Neo-humanism As a classical liberal and a globalist, I figured there's not much we would agree with, and through reading your page, yeah. Liberal democracy is pretty bad, the capitalist economic system that underpins liberal democracy creates vast inequalities in wealth and power, and it can never really represent the interests of the working class. Your views of immigration also are not that good. We do agree on some things though, like libertarianism and healthcare, and some of your sections don't seem that bad for a liberal, like the ones on unions, healthcare, and your beliefs on Anti Monopoly laws, though this is all kinda small compared to your free market capitalism, which is something I really can't agree with.
    • Erissky.png Erissianism Lifestylist, though I am bound by traditional beret bro code to but that aside for now. Interesting ideology, I've always found post-leftism meh-decent depending on the postie, though that and your support for the LGBT appear to be the only places where we'll find common ground, other than traditional anarchist opinions on capitalism etc etc. You are an anti-environmentalist, transhumanist, market lover, and ultraprogressive, which are frankly the antithesis to my ideology, as well as your moral-less standards when it comes to hedonism. And frankly, going back to the first part of the previous list, your anti-environmentalism has gotta be one of the most evil things I've read on this ideology in a while, like oof. Frankly, just rather schizo and typical lifestylism, 4/10

    Kinda No.png
    Somewhat Cringe

    • SouthIntegral.png Southern Integralism Such a mixed bag honestly, you have incredibly based beliefs (Workplace Democracy, Distributism, Collectivism, and Cultural Nationalism) mixed in with the most cringe shit ever (Titoism, Catholic Theocracy, and Authoritarian Democracy) which is what places you here. I also find it hilarious that you call things "Bourgeois" despite espousing a nearly entirely bourgeois ideology.
    • Zhah pixels.png Zhahravaughanism (Literal) Schizo Philosophy Theoryhead, generally a pretty cringe ideology, though being an anarchist saves you from the tiers below.
    • MEAR.png Aurelianism Probably one of the better right libertarians, we both love free speech and gun rights, though you are very anti-socialist (btw that suggestions thing was pretty funny :3). There are a lot of elements of you ideology that I really don't like, such as technocracy and anti-democracy, both being utterly cringe. overall 4/10, but could be worse for a right libertarian
    • Yves-nicholas.png Yves-Nicholas Thought Somewhat similar to me culturally, though not racist, and very different civically and otherwise. Technocracy is not something I agree with, nor of course totalitarianism, though your Christian and Market Socialist elements are very good, and your social corporatist lean is alright. Industrialism on the other hand is not great, as I'm a ruralist and agrarian. Though going back to your totalitarianism, you've explained that Brazil has only prospered under Authoritarian regimes, and while I don't like it, I understand why you believe in it. All around probably one of the better statists, 4.5/10
    • ComradePhil.png Comrade Phil Thought Though I know for a fact you're an alt of Confederate Crusader, I'll still rank you here. Sadly for an anti-capitalist and an economic leftist, you are nearly entirely cringe, you are totalitarian and reactionary, and larp as a communist, though under your system the state will never fade away. You also barely are socialist, you put National Socialism into your influences, and fascism too. Overall 3/10, if you were to drop the fascism that'd be based.
    • Murb.png Neo-Murba Just about your average left-communist, except more of the Dutch variety it seems. Sadly still a L*ninist 🤮, although national communism is based to a degree it's one of the very few good things about this ideology, with the rest being awful-mid. Overall 3.5/10 ideology, drop the statism and reddit atheism, and that'd fix most of your issues.
    • KryptoLocksIcon.png Existentialist Geomarket Anarchism As you are an anarchist, and a supporter of mildly social policies, you aren't put in the tiers below, despite me disagreeing with most of your ideology. Individualism is lifestylism, something I'm really not fond of, though that pales in comparison to your other takes, especially in terms of religion and nationalism. Despite all the other differences though, we do have some shared opinions in terms of LGBT issues and feminism, and the usual drug and gun takes that most all anarchists share in common, despite the collectivist vs individualist lean. Though all your goods takes are usually equally balanced by your more awful ones, like being a world federalist for some reason, a completely out there and wacky concept. In all, very much a typical AnLib, nothing much more, other than being a strict Reddit Atheist, 3.5/10


    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - You're pretty cool as a person, and fun in VC, but your ideology is literally fascist and quite cringe (I mean ofc an anarchist isn't gonna find much positive in a fascist), although I will say the environmentalism is cool and so is the nationalism, which saves you from Mega-Cringe
    • BERNHEism.png BERNHEism American Quark, but somehow even more evil, most everything on your page is awful, and the worst part is how confident you are in your awfulness, and the "MuH bAsIc EcOnOmIcS". I seriously can't find a single good thing on your page. I could pick out individual parts I don't like or disagree with, but it'd literally just be listing the entire page. The only thing that saves you from below is that you aren't *as* bad as some below ideologies in your awfulness.
    • NeoGlencoe.png Neo-Glencoeism You somehow became even whose than before, and you are an America civic nationalist (evil). As Person16384 said, you pretty much are just (left) BERNHEism, though barely more left than him. You are evil interventionaist as well, the worst kind of American Nationalist, wanting to liberalize the world and enslave them to capital. Overall coal fail ideology, not much to say, 2/10
    • Duckf.png Duck Citizen I am usually bound by anarkiddy unity values to not be too mean to you, but come on man. You are pretty much the final state of lifesylism, individualist to an awful degree. And yes, I wouldn't want to fight a revolution with you on my side, as you are a lifestylist with nothing to give for the movement other than philosophical rambling. Really, you are the typical sadarchist, doing nothing nor wanting to do anything to change our current shit society, and for some moronic reason you believe the economic planning on Anarcho-Communism leads to dictatorship, a take so rancid I could believe it came outta Bonerforce. Truly evil ideology, 2/10

    Mega No.png
    Mega Cringe

    • CIA.png Confederate Crusadism You come off as an edgy 13yo who spent too much time on PCB, and your ideology isn't that clear outside of IdPol, like in the economics section it only talks about how left-wing economics make no sense to you, instead of listing your actual beliefs. The edit war bullshit is also frankly retarded.
    • Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism Not a fan of egoists and individualists, as egoism is evil individualist trash. You ask where am I in the collective? I’m just that, in the collective, a part of the greater good. The most noble thing a man can do is serve a cause greater than himself. I gotta be honest, your page is the same egoist shit I see everywhere, 30 pages long and philosophical rambling. Individualism and anarchism don’t fit together, simply, the individual does not have power; the collective has power. And after seeing Atronic’s entry on that list, it just makes it worse, you call this ultraprogressive a reactionary, because they’d wish to protect the revolution? 0/10 page, Gods I can’t stand egoists.
    • Matthism-ball.png Matthism Since you are pretty much Quark but German, this entry pretty much applies to him to. You are the culmination of every shit ideology ever man, the bourgeois individualism is truly vile, and the Christianity bakes on the cringe, and just like Quark you’re a philosophical theoryhead. Truly just Quark with Christian Flavorings
    • AryanMonarchBow.png Aryan Monarchishm Overall really vile ideology, though the nationalism and paganism are the good, although the nationalism is pan-nationalistic, which is evil. Progressivism is also kinda nice, but that doesn't cancel out all the authoritarianism, capitalism, and liberalism, and the fact that you support literal chattel slavery for fucks sake, and also the really reddit stuff in the religion section. 1/10
    • Tsumugikotobuki8814ism.png MugiKotobuki8814ism You are the very anti-thesis on my ideology, a betrayer of every decent value known to man. You claim to national socialist, yet you are so far from it, 'tis just a larp. Your ideology isn't even so much an ideology as it is a power fantasy, I mean come on man, you literally have a section where you go over how the Caudillo would get a harem of underage anime girls, purely disgusting and degenerate. Truly the worst ideology I know of. -100/10
    • ChipBowPixels.png Chipscreamism Listen, I like you personally kinda, but ideologically you're shit. Utter trash. Worst ideology I've seen as of yet. Protestant theocrat and fascist, I personally have not seen you utter any coherent and consistent political ideology other than "Muh Sandgod" or "MURDER". You also ideology shop and larp too much, man. Somedays you're a Pol Potist (though albeit only for the reason of hating intellectuals, for some reason I've yet to gather) or you're a Jew-hating Black Israelite fan talking about Hyperborea and stuff like that. And besides all this, you're rather rude, mate.
    • HitlerRouge.png Hitler Rouge Yet another Confederate Crusader alt, what more can I say?
    • SuperMarketcap.png Super-Market-Captialism Just about the antithesis to my ideology entirely, you represent the nearly everything I don't like politically, anti-nationalist, capitalist, globalist, ultra-progressive, anti-theist, anti-democracy, etc etc, the list goes on. I can't find about a single good thing in this ideology, other than your anarchism, but this ruined by the fact you are an anarcho-capitalist, which I've made more than clear I don't believe are real, authentic anarchists, as capitalism is a hierarchy, going against the anti-hierarchal roots of classical anarchism. Truly awful, 1/10

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based


    Kinda Yes.png

    • Mspont.png Mao-Spontex One of the (very few) brands of Marxism I actually like, you're incredibly interesting and I love the ball design
    • ClassSocDem.png Classical Social Democracy The real Social Democrats, not the right deviationist traitors
    • Bckchn.png Bookchin Communalism I love the environmentalism and anarchism, and lifestylist gotta be my favorite insult towards individualists.
    • Libmarx.png Libertarian Marxism Har Har oxymoron Pretty cool for a Marxoid


    Kinda No.png
    Somewhat Cringe


    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism Not entirely cringe, but AnCaps in general have diluted Anarchism into just meaning "No State", instead of "No Hierarchies"
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism Well, I'm sure *some* of the things the west says about you are false, but the majority is true and reprehensible though you had really cool aesthetics

    Mega No.png
    Mega Cringe

    • Cap.png Capitalism The Great Satan, you coin our very life blood into gold‎
    • Nazi.png National Socialism You have literally nothing to do with socialism, yet you still pollute the name of it
    • Obj.png Objectivism 20 hours of reading I could've spent actually reading something good
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten!


    The State
    • Antitot.png Anti-Totalitarianism
      • Antifash2.png Anti-Fascism (kinda sorta)
    • Anti-Anat.png Anti-Anationalism
    • Antimultcult.png Anti-Multiculturalism
    • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
    • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Antizion.png Anti-Zionism (extreme)
    • AntiSweden.png Anti-Swede (Jokingly)
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism
    • Antiabunify.png Anti-Abrahamism
    • Antisjw.png Anti-SJW
    • Anti-Liberalism.png Anti-Liberalism
    • Anti-Marx.png Anti-Marxism
    • AntiMil.png Anti-Militarism
    • Antitransh.png Anti-Transhumanism


    Feel free to ask me about my placements here

    • Zapa.png EZLN (Mexico, 1983-)
    • Demcon.png PKK (Türkiye, 1978-)
    • Cball-Brazil.png MST (Brazil, 1984-)
    • FAI.png Revolutionary Catalonia (1936-1939)
    • Cball-Naissaar.png Kronstadt Rebellion (1921-1921)
    • KPAM.png Korean People's Association in Manchuria (1929-1931)
    • Soc.png Paris Commune (France, 1871)
    • Luxem.png Spartacus League (Germany, 1914-1919)
    • Makhnovism.png Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine (Ukraine, 1918-1921)
    • Jacobin.png French Revolution (France, 1789 –1799)
    • NKPball.png Norwegian Communist Party (Norway, 1923-)
    • MPLA.png People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (Angola, 1956-)
    • Cball-Ireland.png Irish Republican Army (Ireland, 1919-1922)
    • Cball-Ireland.png Provisional Irish Republican Army (Ireland, 1969-1997)
    • Cball-RussianSFSR.png Bolsheviks (1917-1922)
    Atrocious Knaves
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialists of America (United States, 1982-)


    Perceived accuracy score [1 - 10]



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