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    Not to be confused with Yeltsinism, a related ideology from Russia.

    Borisism is an economically centre to centre-right and culturally centre to centre-right ideology representing the beliefs of Conservative Party politician and former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson. He describes himself as One-Nation Conservative but as Mayor of London had inclinations of Economic Liberalism and as of recently, Right Wing Populism. As PM, he has recently supported nationalisation of the economy. He is notably Eurosceptic being one of the leading figures of the Brexit campaign.



    Boris gained fame while working for the The Daily Telegraph, his Eurosceptic articles gained attention between working-class conservative readers, being one of the few Eurosceptic journalists at the time.

    Mayor of London (2008–2016)

    During his 8-year tenure as mayor of London, Boris implemented economic policies similar to economic liberalism. His legacy also includes updating the famous Red Double-decker buses.

    Foreign Minister (2016–2018)

    UK FM Boris Johnson with Iranian FM Javad Zarif in 2017.

    Prime Minister of the UK (2019–2022)




    One-Nation Conservatism




    How to Draw

    Flag of Borisism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color it navy blue
    3. Draw the Union Jack flag, but use azure for the stripes
    4. Add the eyes
    5. (Optional) Draw a blonde hair on the ball, resembling Boris Johnson's haircut
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Navy Blue #002B7F 0, 43, 127
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Azure #01AEF2 1, 174, 242
    Blonde # nil, nil, nil


    The ideology shares the personality of Boris Johnson, and as such is bumbling and posh. He has a tendency of making random references to classical literature and unnecessarily using Latin phrases.



    • Conservatism - My party.
    • Etonianism - If only every school was as good as this.
    • Aristocracy - Without elites and elitism man would still be in his caves
    • Churchillism - My hero!
    • Right-Wing Populism - Thanks for the help Bannon. ingorne my ties to World Ecomoinc forum and relationship with Klaus Swabb and I only use to you get into power
    • Eco-Conservatism - We can't afford to nap on this issue. Well... Maybe a little bit.
    • Covidism - Stay at home. Control the virus. Save lives. Just ignore that I broke covid rules[1]
    • Neo-Ottomanism - A Neo-Ottoman imperial state is just what Grandpappy would have wanted.
    • Classical Conservatism - Moggy! Ignore that I'm a Low Tory
    • Constitutional Monarchism - One of our most important institutions.
    • Mediacracy - Thanks for getting me in, chaps! but the constant bashing of me is not so jolly good and cool with the report on scandals[2]
    • Zionism - The only hope for peace in the middle east.
    • Imperialism - Oh, how I miss you...
    • Social Capitalism - Free-market capitalism but with abit of NHS spending and a good amount of nationalisation sounds splendid to me. Also, my government also offered quite a bit of relief during the pandemic, especially the furlough scheme.
    • Liberal Conservativism I regarded a liberal Conservative, especially before my time as Prime Minster
    • One Nation Conservatism I would regard myself as a One Nation Tory.
    • Kleptocracy - This wasn't a party! It was a meeting! Also, ignore my history of being a corrupt politician and person as well as I ran the most corrupt government in the UK since WW2.[3]
    • Sexocracy I can be a randy little bugger when I want to [4]
    • {PCB|Urbism}} Ah yes! I was the mayor of London and They say I was a pretty decent mayor of London


    • Goveism - You backstabbing Scottish git. Here's a position in my cabinet.
    • Faragism - Thanks for the support of my Brexit deal, but please stop calling for my resignation.
    • One Nation Liberalism - Girly swot, can't you see Brexit is the way forward? Audentes fortuna iuvat, as they say.
    • Thatcherism - I was one of your favourite journalists when you were alive - but there is such a thing as society, Maggie.
    • Trumpism - I know I supported you as President, but it's time to move on now.
    • Liberal Conservatism - Bog off Heseltine.
    • LGBT Conservatism - I support LGBT rights and everything. But stop getting mad at me for calling you "bumboys".
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - Sure I support some nationalisation. But I don't go crazy.
    • Bidenism - ANSWER MY CALLS DAMNIT.
    • Third Way - Like-minded people from the other party. Sad to see but they are better than most Labour factions.


    • Islamic Theocracy - Personally I find it absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes.
    • Corbynism - Naive to the point of being dangerous.
    • Britannocommunism - Dirty tankies.
    • Starmerism - Don't try to oppose me, mancub.
    • Putinism - Screw you Putler, eat my British-made sanctions.
    • SJW - My first target in the War on Woke. Ignore that fact I was quite woke as Prime Minister and been weak on SJWS and the culture war


    • Black Lives Matter - I'm sure they do, but leave Daddy Churchill alone.
    • Irish Republicanism, Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism - Yuck.
    • European Federalism - Don't you dare snatch our British prawn cocktail crisps!
    • Alt-Lite - Stop calling me an authoritarian leftist, there's a pandemic going on. Just ignore my COP26 build back comment [5] and my Putin Toxic Masculinity comment<ref>U.K.'s Boris Johnson Calls Out Putin's 'Toxic Masculinity'
    • Alt-Right - Stop saying I'm part of a Zionist conspiracy to rebuild the world just because I said "Build Back Better" a couple of times and insulting my Jewish heritage!!!
    • Paleosocialism - LITERALLY JOHN MCDONNELL!

    Further Information



    1. Partygate - Wikipedia
    2. ttps://edition.cnn.com/2022/07/06/uk/boris-johnson-scandals-intl/index.html
    3. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-corruption-b2002869.html
    4. All of Boris Johnson’s women – a rundown of the affairs, flings and love-children left in the former Foreign Secretary’s wake | The Sun
    5. Boris Johnson: "We should Build Back in a more Gender-Neutral Feminine way" - YouTube


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