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    Borgism is the old official ideology of user Borgman1 or just borg. It hails from the Midwest and is inspired by leftist ideologies of his ancestral countries, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. If you would like to go to my new ideology, please visit this page here!


    I used to be a socdem who didn't wanna admit it.


    To sum it up extremely briefly, I believe in a parliamentary republic. I am extremely for parliaments and one single ruler. The system acts like the US System, with different made up of parliaments of people who work in those departments and experts. Like semi-technocracy in a departmental parliament. The ruler (what ever they want to be called) will be a semi-figurehead, being elected by the parliament and able to be vetoed of their leadership by a popular vote. The parliament, however, will overall be the driving force behind the governments action. I believe in constitutional freedom of speech and freedom of religion.


    Idk, I just liked individualism (still do)


    I have many friends with grandpas who died due to serving in Vietnam. One of my friends's grandpa died when he was 3 due to Agent Orange from serving. I do not want anyone I know and or love to have to go to some random country just to die by state-backed chemical bombings. I am highly anti-imperialist and anti-colonialism. Imperialist and colonialist rule is brutal and cruel, it bleeds the life out of a nation and slowly makes the citizens rely on immigration and refugee status. However, I am not anti-immigration nor anti-refugee. I believe we should take care of people that are running from imperialist-backed governments, it's not their fault that there are neo-imperialist countries everywhere. I am a socialist patriot of my community and my state, and I endorse anti-imperialist ideals. The time where staying out of wars ends is when there's a country disobeying human rights and committing acts of genocide.

    Reform v. Revolution

    I do not believe in revolution as a first approach of establishing a different kind of government. However, if a government is oppressive and will not allow for reform at all, revolution would probably be the only way.




    Stop having opinions

    Comments/Relations request

    Glencoe- Hi

    Yoda8soup - This is based!!! :)

    Neo-Murba - add me

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