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    Boratism is the ideology of fictional Kazakhstani national and journalist, Borat, from the movie of the same name and its subsequent sequel. It is very patriotic, anti-semitic, sexist, technologically progressive, and kakistocratic.

    His views have changed a little in the movies from experiencing American culture, although his views are always shaped from a misunderstanding of what he's actually being told.

    His main attribute is always being politically incorrect, something he doesn't even understand since what he does and says is normal in Kazakhstani culture. (Even if his movies do not accurately represent culture in IRL Kazakhstan.)


    Borat! Cultural Learnings of America

    In the first Borat movie, Borat travels to America to make a documentary about what he can learn from there, and hopes to bring innovation to Kazakhstan. Initially, Kazakhstan is a very antisemitic and misogynistic. Incest, familial intermarrying and prostitution are common, praised even, women are treated as second-class people, and homosexuals are stoned. People are especially antisemitic; they have an annual event called the "running of the jew" (similar to the Running of the Bull) and they hate Uzbekistan because they are jews, apparently. Everyone lives in slums, but take great pride in their country and have hope that Borat's planned documentary will bring great fortune to them.

    During Borat's visit to America he learned about homosexuals, sex toys, technology, religion and love. In America, Borat wondered into a gay pride parade and met two gay men, which he invited to his apartment and reportedly tried to shove a rubber fist up his ass. These rubber fists would later be introduced to Kazakhstan as prosthetic limbs.

    Borat would also discover the iPod. After being introduced to Kazakhstan, it would become uncool for anyone to have iPod minis rather than normal iPods since iPod minis were for girls there.

    In America, Borat discovered Christianity. When introduced to Kazakhstan, it would end the running of the jew and replace it with the mock crucifixion of the jew. Additionally in America, a couple of jews allowed them to sleep at their house, but they escaped in the middle of the night after finding out about their jewry, horrified and believing they were plotting against them.

    During the movie, Borat would learn of his wife's death. This exited him as he wished to pursue his new crush/fixation which he saw on TV: Pamela Anderson. He went great lengths, almost tarnished his friendship and nearly kidnapped Anderson when he finally met her. Obviously, she didn't want to marry him, and later had his heart broken when he found out she was an amateur porn star. He decided to marry a black prostitute he met earlier instead, whom moved with him to Kazakhstan.

    With all this innovation, Kazakhstan remained a poor slum which was very antisemitic with bad treatment for women. Perhaps the only changes brought were technological advances, but even those were very slight.

    Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm

    In the second movie, Borat brings much greater social changes to Kazakhstan. In the beginning, Kazakhstan is left in a worse position than the previous film. Their potassium exports and economy have plummeted and their country is heavily mocked, all thanks to the documentary that Borat made. As a punishment Borat was condemned to work in the mines, but years later, the government gave Borat a plea deal: He would receive freedom if he could strike an alliance deal with the USA, which they believed they needed to get Kazakhstan off its feet. Unbeknownst to Borat, this was actually a ploy to inject him with the corona virus (which the Kazakh government created) and have him spread it across the world to get revenge.

    Borat would end up trying to appease American politicians by offering them his daughter to marry. At first he tried offering her to Mike Pence, but after that fails tremendously, he settled on trying appease Rudy Giuliani.

    During the movie, Borat is invited to stay at the house of two QAnon conspiracists, whom he taught that Covid-19 is a hoax and that the Democrats are evil.

    Later, brought on with depression from his daughter's newfound rebelliousness and refusal to carry out with the plan and from hearing that the Holocaust was fake on Facebook, he decided wanted to take his life. He disguised himself as an ultra-stereotypical jew and walked in a synagogue to wait for the next mass shooting, but was seen by a jew. TL;DR they got Borat's trust and explained that the Holocaust was real and that they were in it. This cheered him up and he was ready to retrieve his daughter.

    Borat talked to his daughter's babysitter one last time, who convinced him that marrying away his daughter cruel, however by this Borat's daughter convinced herself again that she needed to go along with the original plan and offer herself to Giuliani. At the right moment, Borat arrived and rescued his daughter, and they moved back to Kazakhstan happily.

    With there arrival, they brought a form Radical Feminism and became a feminist nation, like the USA and Saudi Arabia, started stealing wifi passwords from Uzbekistan, introduced Kazakhstan to the world wide web and began to influence elections across the world, began to implement Covid safety measures, and perhaps the biggest innovation of all, the maskini. Additionally Kazakhstan began to hate Americans more than jews, believing they're a bigger threat. And such, the running of the jews was replaced with running of the american.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a rectangular prism.
    2. Color it cyan/blue.
    3. Draw to golden flag in the center.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Give the character Borat's mustache.

    You're done!




    • Feminism - Bleh, feminists May the patriarchy go to hell.
    • QAnonism - You've taught me a lot, but goodness you guys are so misinformed about women.


    • Zionism - There's a problem in my country, and it's you jews!
    • Matriarchy - All other countries are run by little girls.
    • American Model - I've learned a lot from you, but why is it so hard to understand your customs? Also your the main threat now according the Borat 2's ending.
    • LGBTism - Your telling me the man who was trying to put a rubber fist in my ass was a homosexual?
    • Romanian Liberalism - Do not fear gypsy, all I want is your tears. also the village scenes were filmed in Romania, so all jokes on you

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