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    Boohbah Occultism is a religious cult ideology based around the calling of Boohbah and it was based on a kids tv show called Boohbah since 14th April 2003 until unusual 6th January 2006, Not much is known about the religion, so much of it is theorized around speculation based on internet sources that could be found even on YouTube with the Wikipedia by his side.

    This religion is known to be practiced by the "Story People", a secluded family of modern people who go by only their family position. These members consist of Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Mrs. Lady, Mr. Man, Brother and Sister, Auntie and Little Dog Fido, respectively.

    This religion is focused around the worship or calling of the Boohbahs. There are five Boohbah entities, figures, deities - call them what you will - in the godsphere, one purple, blue, orange, pink, and yellow; all of them look like uncircumcised chodes. These Boohbahs have the known ability to merge as one into some sort of orb of light which emits an essence of pure joy and ecstasy pertaining to children. This orb is known to travel the globe in search of child recruits to surround itself with their laughter and chanting, before fleeing off in search of new children. It is unknown why they do this or if it has any permanent or parasitical effects on the children.

    When the Boohbahs are not merged as one, they are at the "godsphere", a realm of strange and unknown. They are very infant-like in nature but may become hyper-energetic, zooming around their godsphere much like the electrons of an atom. They also enjoy more mundane activities which regular kids like to take part in during their play/free time.

    Other abilities and characteristics of the Boohbah include the ability to tuck their head in their bellies like the head of a soft penis will fully being enclosed by the surrounding penis skin, the ability to fly (levitantly; without flapping), and distinct bumps on their heads which can illuminate.





    • Bronyism - Your ego is too big and it was my mistake, Noooooo.
    • Team Fortressism - Those free-market killer weirdos are not the story people.
    • Jihadism - You have created a meme that glued us to it.
    • Kakistocracy - Stop calling me a Penis you stupid subnerd.
    • Robotnikism - You have politically corrected a word from Penis into PINGAS and it was your idea.
    • Jewish Theocracy - You wanted a circumcision for us, ewwwwwwwwww.

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