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    Flag of BolsoJuche

    BolsoJuche, also known as Bolsonarist Juche, is a political current, based on Bolsonarism, that seeks the adoption of a national capitalist society completely isolated for the rest of the world, where the focus is basically create a right-wing North Korea.

    Bolsojuche is also characterized by the support of a political dynasty, as happens with Bolsonaro family on Brazil, turn all police into government militias, turn prisons into literally concentrations camps, the completely deterioration of the republic and the complete rigging of democracy in order to help the leader and his family to be in power, such as his ideological group.

    Bolsojuche also advocates the full monetarization of the economy, in order the financial market cannot be affected by the backward economy due to the high level of sanctions and political isolation.

    Bolsojuche is also characterized by be against environmentalism, supporting burning all forests and use it for illegal issues, such as the militarization of the country using militias and turning the army into several militias in order to have centralized command and non-discipline organization, then, advocating the militarization of the army and police in favor of the currently ruling leader and family.

    On Bolsojuche, all forms of leftism are considered as communism, where even Bidenism is considered as Communism and European Union is a socialist organization such as the whole Europe is socialist, except if the country is not a far right country such as Brazil.

    Bolsojuche also advocates nuclear armament in order to protect the country of possible invasions by non-Bolsojuche and non auth-right countries, such as NATO countries, mainly USA.

    The state religion of Bolsojuche is Brazilian evangelicalism.


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