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    Flag Of Bukharinism

    Bukharinism, officially called Bolshevism not to be confused with Bukharinaism or Bukharinism IRL, refers to the ideology and practice of Nikolai Bukharin and the various successor warlord states in Russia in the Hearts of Iron 4 alternate history mod: "The New Order: Last Days of Europe".



    Following the Russian Civil War, the Bolsheviks solidified their rule over Russia and created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Vladimir Lenin passes away in 1924, paving the way for a brutal power struggle in the young Union. Nikolai Bukharin comes out on top, after Leon Trotsky is killed by a sledgehammer and Joseph Stalin is appointed on post of People's Commissar of Nationalities. Bukharin then implements the New Economic Policy (NEP), which in-game turned out to have disastrous effects and set back the industrialisation of the Union, leaving it unprepared for an invasion by the Axis Powers. The USSR tried to industrialise as quickly as possible, but its fractured political scene, weak military and economy meant they were doomed, with the Winter War ending in a stalemate. Once the Axis Powers attacked the USSR, Bukharin was overthrown by Stalin and disappeared, the weakened Union collapsed and the remmants of the Soviet bureaucratic apparatus escaped to different parts of the country, with the border between Reichskommisariat Moskowien and the broken Russia the A-A Line.


    The remmants of the dissolved USSR fled to various corners of Russia, setting up their own fiefdoms in the hope of one day restoring the Union. Russia was divided into 4 states. Alexander Yegorov's West Russia Revolutionary Front (WRRF), Joseph Stalin's West Siberian People's Republic (WSPR), Genrikh Yagoda's Far Eastern Soviet Republic and the Central Siberian Republic (CSR) of the artists, poets, and thinkers of the former Union.

    The WRRF and WPSR would be involved in the 2nd West Russian War against the Germans, but were ultimately thwarted by the Germans and Russian collaborators in the form of RK Moskowien, KONR, and monarchists. The two states then collapsed even further, barely hanging by a thread to areas around their capitals. However, Arkhangelsk and other states were able to be reclaimed by the Russians. The CSR and Yagoda's states would end up fighting each other in the Siberian War, which wreaked havoc on the two states, also causing them to collapsee even further.

    As of the game's start date of 1962, states which still follow Bolshevism or have a strong Bolshevist influence are:

    • The West Russian Revolutionary Front led by Alexander Yegorov in Arkhangelsk. Red Army Remmants.
    • The People's Revolutionary Council led by Alexander Vasilevsky in Outer Mongolia. Red Army Remmants.
    • Irkutsk, still de facto keeping the old name of the USSR, led by Genrikh Yagoda. Remmants of the Presidum of the Supreme Soviet.
    • Komi's Communist Party of Komi led by Mikhail Suslov, staunch anti-revisionist. Can come into power.
    • Buryatia's Communist Party, which has a Bolshevist wing of the Party. Can come into power.

    Events In Game

    The above mentioned warlords all have the chance to reunify their region of Russia, and can then go on to reunify the entirety of Russia.


    Based off Bukharin's personality in-game, Bukharinism is usually extremely depressed over the fact that they lost World War 2 to the Germans, essentially blowing any chance Communism had of becoming a world power, and yearns for the days of 1924 when he was still with Trotsky and Stalin with hope in their hearts for a brighter future.

    Other warlord states, however, are dedicated to restoring the old Union and taking revenge on Nazi Germany.




    • Dengism - Wait, this wasn't what I expected when Yagoda would reunify Russia under his banner! At least you still hold on to Marx...
    • Libertarian Market Socialism - Would be better off if you were more authoritarian.
    • Stalinism - I miss you sometimes, but your ideology is revisionist and will never make it out of West Siberia!
    • Khrushchevism - Every bit as bad as Stalin, at least he's less authoritarian.
    • Trotskyism - I miss you sometimes, though I was right to oppose collectivisation and propose socialism in one country over permanent revolution. Nobody will follow your terrible ideas though. Why do I hear Tukhachevsky?


    Further Reading

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