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    Bolshevik Luddism or LuddBol is a Communist Ideology that wans to see a world Agrarian Communist society believing the communism can never work in industralized places. It differs from File:MTW.png Maoism–Third Worldism interpetations by wanting the world including the first to rebel against technology and industrialism to create an a agrarian communist society.

    Political System

    It believes a world vanguard party and an agrarian Dictatorship of the Proletariat to lead the people towards the stateless, moneyless, and classless society would benifit the poeple. The system works by the congress of the vanguard party being with congress people who repersent an farmer sect where they are choseen by the amount of labour and amount of support they have.

    Economic System

    A luddbol economy would have free things such as healthcare with field hospitals, free education on how to farm and collect food and other resources, and free tools to give to the farmers to help produce the food. For other needs and wants luddbol follows a system in where someone can buy something with the amount of grain they made and turn them into stamps to get all basic needs.




    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Love Lenin but communism cant work in an industrial society.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - Based but the left is not the problem its the solution.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - I guess you're also kinda like me but did you have to do a genocide?



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