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    Bman thought is the former self-insert of Bman the PCB user it is economically far-left, culturally right and authoritarian on civic matters.

    Statesoc.png Economic Axis Georgist.png

    Overall Bman thought is a economically far-left Ideology in favor of a planned economy. He supports a centralized state socialist planned economy but with locally produced products being controlled by the local government instead. he is also in favor of workplace democracy and workers receiving the full value of their work. He also wants to implement a land value tax based on the ideas of georgism.

    Sec.png Civic Axis Sec.png

    He is authoritarian civically.

    Authdem.png Type of Government Technocracy.png

    The government would be a technocratic unitary one-party state(federalism is needed in some countries but usually it just causes many unnecessary problems) lead by a vanguard party but experts also having positions of power to deal with specific situations depending on their area of expertise. Democracy would also exist to an extent with delegates elected by worker's organization's such as unions and worker's councils having representation in parliment.

    Civlibert.png Civil Liberties Civlibert.png

    There should be some civil liberties to an extent but the state should also have power to restrict them depending on the situation such as freedom of speech as citizens should be allowed to express different opinions unless it poses a danger such as in the case of riots which would be crushed. As for the things like freedom of the press he dosen't really believe in it since the media is largely used as a tool to spread bourgeoise propaganda.

    Antiimp.png Diplomatic Axis Nation.png

    I am a non-interventionist and anti-imperialist and I also oppose globalism. I think the nations sovereignty should be held in high regard for this I support a moderate form of isolationism where the nations strives towards self-efficacy but we should also try and aid fellow socialist and anti-imperialist nations.

    Mil.png Military Mil.png

    The nation needs a strong military but it should only be used to defend itself and never to conquer other lands.

    Trad.png Social Axis Trad.png

    Bman thought is a generally culturally right-wing ideology.

    Gay.png LGBT Gay.png

    LGBT is immoral and a degradation of culture and should be illegalized.

    Abort.png Abortion Antiabort.png

    Abortion would be prohibited in most cases as he sees it as being immoral but it will still be allowed in some instances such as if the mothers life is at risk.

    Confem.png Gender Equality Confem.png

    He support eqaulity between men and woman and thinks woman should have the right to work, vote etc... but still thinks traditional roles for woman should be promoted for this he largely aligns with Conservative Feminism.However he is largely opposed to the modern feminist movement since all they really do is complain and promote degeneracy he also thinks gender inequality has largely been eliminated in the modern world.

    Religious.png Religion Laicism.png

    Religion is very important for society and social cohesion but the state should be kept secular and freedom of religion should exist(except for satanistism and some forms of paganism) but religion should still be promoted throughout society.

    Marilegal.png Drugs Marilegal.png

    Recreational drugs are harmful to society and should be illegalized however medical drugs should still be allowed to use.



    Kind of Based

    • LeftNazbol.png National Bolshevism - Based and kind of similar to my ideology some things are sus though.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - Good but I dislike somethings such as pan-europeanism.


    • Councom.png Council Communism - I like workers councils but too libertarian also vanguardism is based.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - Basically the same as above except with unions rather than worker's councils.
    • Bism.png Bismarckism - Would've been more based if it weren't for imperialism and anti-socialism.
    • Dem.png Democracy - Very flawed and overrated system and you are often used as a justification for imperialism but the masses should still have some representation in the government.

    Kind of Cringe

    • Fed.png Federalism - Mostly cringe but you're needed in some countries.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - 99.999% of your followers are just succdems and democracy is a flawed system but some demsocs were based such as allende.


    This is purely ideological and not based on personality


    Kind of Based


    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - You are good but you like the US now......
    • Typicalfan2.png TypicalFan1 Thought - Your economic views are okay as welfare capitalism is probably the best form of capitalism(though I would prefer to replace the system entirely with socialism rather than change it to a regulated version of it self)some of your social views are good and you're anti-interventionism is extremely based.
    • Krano.png Kranoterism - Fellow authoritarian and nationalist but capitalism is cringe.

    Kind of Cringe


    • BeryAbLib.png Beryism - Liberalism, Capitalism, and Libertarianism are all very vomit worthy to be honest.
    • Cheesenism (PB).png Cheesenism Cheesenism (PCB).png - Very cringe fascist.
    • Corplibswap.png Left Corporatocracy - Corporatocracy is very cringe I also don't really see the point in Florida being a separate country from the US.


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