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    Blumism is a left wing syncretic ideology representing the political beliefs of French politician Leon Blum, leader of the SFIO (Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière="French Section of the Workers International") and of the French Popular front from 1936 to 1938.


    Blumism believes in the main principles of Democratic Socialism with the addition of Tripartite economics and wants to reform the French system. Blumism also believes in left unity, wanting to form a big tent leftist faction, from radical liberals to communists.


    Leon Blum was a French Jewish politician, heavily influenced by the Dreyfus affair and joined the SFIO under Jean Jaurès. After Jaurès assassination in 1914, he became his successor.

    In 1936, every major French leftist parties formed a coalition (Popular front) under his leadership and managed to beat the right wing parties and got Blum elected as head of government.

    Under the Popular front, France saw many reforms such as: Decreased work hours, an increased minimum wage, first instances of payed vacations and many more.

    In 1938, the Popular front was officially disbanded after the radical liberals left. Blum was imprisoned during the Vichy era but survived and lived till 1950 at 77 years old.

    After the war, Léon Blum returned to politics, and was again briefly Prime Minister in the transitional postwar coalition government. He advocated an alliance between the center-left and the center-right parties in order to support the Fourth Republic against the Gaullists and the Communists.



    • Democratic Socialism - Literally me!
    • Tripartism - Based economics, I managed to install my reforms threw consultation between the government, bosses and workers.
    • Mitterrandism - Thanks for expanding all those reforms, though you were a bit limited by your right wing prime Minister.
    • Social Gaullism - Left-Wing Gaullism? Based!


    • CHROMATISM - You're one of the few people who still recognizes me, but you're still to right wing for me. (Thanks for making my page btw)
    • Gaullism - You liberated France but I was part of the main leftist opposition against your new constitution, stop giving so much power to the executive branch!
    • Gaullbertarianism - Same but libertarian.


    • Capitalism - Cringe system, needs reform.
    • Nazism - I don't think I need to explain why I, a socialist jew would hate you.
    • French Fascism - Imprisoned me and probably would have killed me later.
    • Integral Nationalism - Tf you mean I should be shot in the back?

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