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    Blue Lives Matter is a movement in the USA developed as a reaction to Black Lives Matter. It argues that the police are just doing their jobs and that the BLM protestors are too violent and are killing innocent police officers. It has been accused of not existing by MTV.


    The phrase Blue Lives Matter seems to have emerged around December 2014. It was used by a group of pro-police supporters who organized a rally in New York City. On social media, the group used the phrases “Police Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” to promote the rally. Attendees of the rally held Blue Lives Matter and other police signs at the event.

    Both the event itself and the Blue Lives Matter phrase were heavily criticized at the time. Blue Lives Matter has come under criticism for minimizing the issue of racially motivated police violence, co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement with a similar name, and equating racial identity and oppression with a career choice. All Lives Matter, a phrase that also originated around 2014, has also been criticized for minimizing the issue of racially motivated police violence.

    In December 2014, Blue Lives Matter NYC was founded by police officers, and this group refers to itself as the “Official Blue Lives Matter” on its website. Around the same time, a media company acquired the name Blue Lives Matter on every social media platform in December 2014, and this company also refers to itself as the “official” Blue Lives Matter.

    Over the next several years, Blue Lives Matter would become a movement of its own and increasingly gain supporters just as the number of highly publicized incidents of police violence against Black Americans also increased. These include the killings of Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. The Blue Lives Matter movement became a pro-police response to the increase of criticism, mistrust, and anger with law enforcement.

    The phrase Blue Lives Matter has come to be used by a wide range of people who support law enforcement, including police officers themselves.

    In 2016, Blue Lives Matter made headlines after Louisiana successfully passed legislation making violence against police officers and firefighters a hate crime. Opponents of the bill say existing laws already “provide more serious charges for violent acts against officers.”




    • Bidenism - On one hand he pays me on the other he's paranoid as fuck.
    • Trumpism - We lost these guys after the capitol incident oh well goodbye.
    • Harrisism - She creeps me out... I think she wants a death squad, not rent-a-cop.
    • Stratocracy - Everyone knows the army is a lot more respected than the police are.


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