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    Blue Environmentalism or Aqua-Environmentalism is an ideology concerned about the environment of the ocean. They advocate for removal and prohibition of all single use plastic and the halt of releasing toxic chemicals in the ocean. Other concerns of his might be to remove microplastics and other pollutants from the ocean and also rebuild decayed coral reefs.


    Blue Environmentalism believes that the main concern of the government should be the protection of water bodies and their ecosystems. Also, people who throw toxic objects in the water, or start fishing where it is not allowed, or fish in a way that is not allowed, should be severely punished.

    People who take care of the oceans and clean them should be supported and even rewarded. Two of the main objectives of blue environmentalists are removal of microplastics and reconstruction of decayed coral and fish populations.

    Personality and Behavior

    Blue Environmentalism likes to visit lakes and the sea, where he joins other environmentalist friends and cleans the waters. He gets especially angry at people who damage the water. He likes to go on boat trips, but then gets sad when he sees the increasing number of dead fish and destroyed corals.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill in with blue.
    3. Draw a fish in white.
    4. Draw in the eyes.

    You're done!




    • Technogaianism - I dunno... electricity and water don't mix well together.
    • Veganarchism - I appreciate any environmentalist but choosing to eat the invasive lionfish population would be a good way to decrease their numbers.
    • Industrialism - You're fine if you bury your waste underground (don't tell Environmentalism that I said that), but don't redirect your waste pipes into the oceans or lakes!


    • Climate Skepticism - Stop dumping your trash in the ocean!
    • Posadism - Ahhh! Stop dumping your nukes in the ocean!
    • Stalinism - Rest In Peace to the Aral Sea. But for you, Rest. In. PISS!

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