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    Not to be confused with State Paternalism.

    Blood Paternalism is an authoritarian and usually reactionary ideology, which seeks to use the localism or decentralization of a country, to safely form a unitary family-based community in said country (or, if plausible, full autonomy). Unlike other blood nationalists, Blood Paternalists emphasize the role of a patriarch within the family-state.

    Blood Paternalists see sons, as an extension of their father, with the father heading over them. When the father dies, the eldest son inherits authority over his siblings, gaining the title patriarch. The patriarch rules the family/clan, acting as its founder, fathering his kinsmen. The men obtain wives either from the outer state or from within the community, the women leave to be with their husbands. Citizenship is gained only through paternal right of blood, or through marriage to a male citizen. This creates a nation, whose men are of a single patriline, headed by the patriarch. The paternalistic nature of the patriarch, and the kinship of all his subjects, seeks to create a loving and socially united society.



    Blood Paternalists rejects the idea of democracy, viewing inheritance as the natural form of succession within a family-state, and hold's the head of state's authority as paramount, unless otherwise established by the founder of the family-state.


    Blood Paternalism pushes for extreme devotion to the family-state. Because of this, Blood Paternalism is anti Individualist (and if the family-state is merely a community within another country, anti collectivist as well).


    Although typically third positionist, Blood Paternalists do not unilaterally hold a strong economic stance, other than supporting the head of state's authority to correct the system.

    Race & Ethnicity

    Blood Paternalism sees the rule of one family/clan over another, as illegitimate, and thus does not allow citizenship/membership for foreigners who don't marry into the family. Outside from kinship, Blood Paternalists do not necessarily hold any position on race nor regional origin. However, they do emphasize cultural conformity for those who become one with the family.

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