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    Blood Nationalism is a form of nationalism, in which instead of believing that nationality is based on common shared language, history, culture, country, or religion, it believes that it's shared solely by common bloodline (strictly patriline or matriline) or dynasty and views it as the primary pillar of citizenship. It views the nation as the body and continuation of the founder. this cn be argued to be how most "nations" saw themselves until recently, despite nationalism not existing before the Enlightenment.

    According to some sources modern "Blood Nations" usually seek to survive as an autonomous community, within an existing nation, which permits their existence; however, some seek total independence.


    The Irish Derbfines held a patrilineal form of blood communitarianism, in which the ruler (called the ágae fine or the cenn fine) was elected by other members of their community. However, only those who share an ancestor four generations up, were considered part of the same community. This means only those who share the same great great grandfather would be under the same authority, and after each generation, the new head of the family would be elected.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Blood Nationalism
    1. Draw a ball and fill it white.
    2. Draw a blood red flag.
    3. Add the eyes, and you're done!





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