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    The Bloc Québécois ( Short BQ ) is a political party in Canada which is devoted to problems in Québec and against Canada. Originally, it was meant to ease the secession of Québec, but after the failed referendum of 1995, its goal is more to ensure that the laws voted in Ottawa do not disadvantage Québec.

    Politically, it stands in favor of bill 101 and 96 about the defense of the french language, of bill 21 about the ban on religious symbols and clothing in public spaces and by public workers as well as increased economic and political power for provinces inside of Canada.

    It proposes an environmental plan coupled with the immigration plan, that is to develop green tech in order to make up for the lack of workforce by having more competent workers with better equipment, allowing for a lessening of economic immigration, easing up the integration services for newcomers.


    Here are some official policies in the party's platform :

    • Québec sovereignty, up to independence, specifically repeal of the Clarity Act and opposition to the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.
    • Environmentalism, specifically supporting the Kyoto Accord.
    • Abortion rights.
    • LGBTQ+ rights.
    • Legalization of assisted suicide.
    • Abolition of the Canadian Senate.
    • Withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan.
    • Opposition to Canadian participation in the Iraq War in 2003.
    • Abolition of the monarchy.
    • Support for the Québec Secularism law, which bans government workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols.
    • Exempt Québec from the requirements of the Multiculturalism Act.


    Bloc Québécois ball acts like Yves-François Blanchet, the current party leader, a former businessman, a honest, vivid, pragmatic and arguing man who uses all opportunities to denounce incoherences or disonesty in other's parties speeches, often with a strong arrogance.


    • Liberal Party of Canada - If you don't want to tell the autochtons what to do, why would you want to tell the Québécois what to do ?
    • Conservative Party of Canada - While i do attack the liberals, it does not mean i don't have my fair share of disgust for your policies too.
    • New Democratic Party - Under your government, provinces would simply cease to exist due to your insane centralisation.
    • Green Party of Canada - Your environmental plan is less green that ours lmao. Also stop calling all the Québécois racists, that's just pure prejudice and a big accusation.


    Bloc Québécois' Website

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