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    Blind Veteran Centerism (not to be confused with centrist blind veteranism) is an ideology that believes a society should be based around the viewing of Blind Veterans. It's name derives from one of the most common places you will find a Blind Veteran Centerist, a Blind Veteran Center. A common misconception for Blind Veteran Centerists is that they, themselves are blind veterans, this is not true, anyone can be a Blind Veteran Centerist.

    Blind Veteran Centerists do not necessarily worship blind veterans, although some do (Blind Veteran Theocracy). A common talking point for Blind Veteran Centerists, is the amount of Blind Veteran Centers per square kilometer, Blind Veteran Centerists want to rise the average number of Blind Veteran Centers around the world, which currently sits at approximately 0.000000000000000000000000001893 Blind Veteran Centers per square kilometer.


    Blind Veteran Centerism loves watching Blind Veterans but spends most of his time building Blind Veteran Centers and putting Blind Veterans in Blind Veteran Centers but all the free time he gets he spends watching Blind Veterans. Blind Veteran hates Veterans that aren't blind and will actively try to make them Blind Veterans. Blind Veteran Centerism is not a Blind Veteran

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with red
    3. Draw a white curvy line splitting it in half
    4. Fill the top half with blue
    5. Draw a white curvy line from the bottom left of the top half to the top right
    6. Draw a red curvy line within the line in step 5
    7. Add the eyes

    Your Done



    • No need for friends when you can watch Blind Veterans


    •   Warism War can bring about a lot of Veterans but what if they can still see
    •   Universal Healthcare If Blind Veteran Centers count as Healthcare then that's great but what if they get their vision back


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