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    Bleeding-Heart National JoeyFloppaism

    Bleeding-Heart National JoeyFloppaism, also known as Woke Illiberal JoeyFloppaism, is an illiberal, capitalist, progressive ideology that is a partial strain of JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism. He believes that an authoritarian capitalist society that is highly progressive is needed to revitalize and reinvigorate America in order to make it transcend all else. He says things like "Progressive American Empire here we come!".

    How to Draw

    State Liberalism Design

    1. Draw a ghost. It should resemble a Boo.
    2. Colour it black, but not pure black. (Preferably #141414)
    3. Draw a light yellow circle in the center.
    4. Draw 4 black slits in the circle coming from the bottom left, representing the invisible hand of the market.
    5. Draw the eyes

    Pink National JoeyFloppaism Design

    1. Draw a ball with a stubby tail at the end using gold(#ffff00). It should resemble a Boo.
    2. Color it in a lighter shade of gold(#ffeb3b).
    3. Draw a pink line in it from the top right to the bottom left. (#FFC0CB)
    4. Color everything above the pink line pink. (#FFC0CB)
    5. Draw a white circle on the pink dividing line. (#ffffff)
    6. Draw a Hakenkreuz (Or a dollar sign with the same blocky look) on the white circle. (#000000)
    7. Add the eyes.
    8. (OPTIONALLY) Add some sparkles shimmering around the ball(#ffffff).




    • Airisu.png Airisuism - Too liberal and commie, but culturally has amazing values. Comrade.
    • Nazflop.png National JoeyFloppaism - Has taught me all I need to know about preserving capitalism and the state, but stfu when talking LGBT rights.
    • Comflop.png Communist JoeyFloppaism - Okay in terms of civics, but economically and culturally crapped.
    • DemcrL.png Left-Democratism - His economics are trash, but a model citizen otherwise.
    • Demcr.png Democratism - Same but at least a bit more tolerable economically.



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