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    "The mind bends at the possibility, Nobody could possibly have a single thought that was not your own! No, No Jamie... Don't you see what this means for all of those who will eventually Serve Kleig The All powerful?" - "The doctor", The tomb of the Cybermen, 1967

    Blartyboyism is the belief that a cyberconverted Blartyboy Should rule the universe.

    The classes

    There are two classes: the slaves and the lord himself.

    the Lord

    Blartyboy, the lord himself, has a full title of "blartyboy, our glorious all-powerful lord cyberleader who Created us, who we are to obey in all situations, for all of time, throughout the universe" He is in the centre of a gigantic system of wires and structures to contain his omnipotence. On the outside it looks like a heavily modified tenth planet cyberhead He has no emotions. His mind is connected to computers which record his every thought, and each of his thoughts are categorised into two:


    These are commands by the lord. they are transferred to the population, who obey with out question.


    These are archived thoughts of the lord. All the information that is exclusive to the all-powerful himself is trashed, and, if the lord deems them worthy, then distributed to The "100 thoughts". the thoughts that the general population can think.

    The slaves

    The slaves do nothing but work. They look like Earthshock Cybermen. slaves are spawned through looms that the lord stole from Rassilon himself, when he went to gallifrey. They are taught from birth that The lord created them, which he kind of did. They are determined to work for a specific place for the rest of their life. They can't think beyond the 100 thoughts assigned to them, They also have no emotions.

    The land

    All of earth is destroyed in the formation of the society, instead replaced with an ark in space. It is based upon the various ships of the cybermen throughout sector who. It is quite big, but still small enough to be cramped for everyone except for the lord himself.


    "well now I know you're mad" - The doctor, The tomb of the cybermen, 1967

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