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    Blairism is the political ideology of the British Politican (And former prime minister) Sir Tony Blair. It is an economically Centre-Right and culturally Centre-Left Ideology. This Ideology combines aspects of both Neoliberalism and Social Democracy. This Ideology is also very Hawkish when it comes to foreign policy.


    Throughout the 80s/Early 90s, the Conservative And Unionist Party of the United Kingdom dominated British politics, winning a consecutive 3 Landslides under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher. In response to this, the Labour Party, a traditionally socialist party started moving to the Centre in order to appeal to the Thatcher/Moderate voter.

    Labour Leadership Under Tony Blair

    A new era for the Labour Party began in 1994 when a young Tony Blair was elected as their leader. Under his leadership, the Labour Party abandoned the party's socialist roots through a series of changes, one of these changes being the repeal of Clause 5 in the Labour Rulebook, which stated the party's commitment to socialism. In a pamphlet written for the Fabian Society, Blair criticized the wording of the clause for "not clearly stating the means and ends of the party".

    As a result of these changes, the party adopted Gidden's vision on social democracy, a mix between Neoliberalism and Social Democracy. This new labour party was dubbed "New Labour" by Blair.

    As a result of these new changes, Labour went on to beat the Conservative Party by a landslide in the 1997 General Election, winning a majority of 253 (419-188)

    Fall of New Labour

    After the resignations of Both Blair and Brown, The new Labour movement ended in 2010 but Third-way thought is still very influential in the Labour party even after Brown's resignation.


    Blairism is very cold and calculated, he is less empathetic than his predecessors, but keeps much more to himself. he is often seen sitting in an armchair opposite



    • Third Way - My father!
    • Neoliberalism - Friend of mine,But please get more regulated
    • Social Democracy - My ideal society,But God be more Deregulated!
    • Social Capitalism and Social Liberalism - You two knows that we need to mix Regulationism and Deregulationism for the common good
    • Neoconservatism - Intervention? Sign me up!
    • Ordo-Liberalism - My German counterpart!
    • Democratism - My American counterpart! Why did you don't like Tea it's delicious!
    • Federalism - It's Devolution time!
    • Starmerism - You carry my legacy well,You will show Sunak who is the boss in 2024.
    • Kleptocracy - I literally stole money from my own citizens so that I can spend it all on wars and on myself, owned a lot of property, and partook in many bribes.


    • Brownism - I appointed you after my renounce,But stop sending that much money to the banks it's too much!
    • Thatcherism - You take the Deregulation too far!
    • Blatcherism - My bastard child who like his Mother takes too far!
    • One Nation Labour - I glad you are going to stop the Tories,But Nationalism Seriously?.
    • Irish Republicanism - Peace?


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