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    Black Sexocracy, or Sexocratic Black Nationalism, is an ethnonationalist ideology which chooses its leader off of sexual appeal with some socialist tendencies. There would likely be rivaling sex gangs due to disputes on who exactly should be deemed the Sex Lord, as such would be in their nature.


    Black Sexocracy has a very similar governance and hierarchy system similar to regular Sexocracy, but they are mainly different due to their ethnonationalism, in which blacks are seen as the superior race, and whites, among other races, are kept to the lowest status. There is no financial economy, so statuses are based off race and sexual appeal. There are typically six statuses in a Black Sexocracy. They include:

    • Slave Status: This status is were all non-blacks are kept. Members of this status have very little rights and must do whatever their black masters tell them to do. There may be some law prohibiting the killing or severe beating of them though.
    • Rehabilitive Status: This status is for criminals and evil-doers, though this status has very few members and is often completely disregarded because Black Sexocracy doesn't believe in criminality. Anyhow, members of this status have many of their rights revoked, and may even be imprisoned, put under house arrest, or placed under watchmanship.
    • Standard status: This status is where most members of society exhibit, excluding non-blacks. They are given sexual services from the SSPs and enjoy an average life.
    • Luxury status: This status is were most black women who aren't ugly are placed. They work for the pimp status and and are giving luxury treatment for their services. They are sexual service providers (SSP).
    • Pimp Status: This status is for pimps, who make sure the SSPs are doing their job. They are given super luxury treatment and are close with the Sex Lord.
    • The Sex Lord: At the top of the societal hierarchy is the Sex Lord, who gives the pimp status super luxury treatment and is given whatever services whenever he wants. The Sex Lord is usually male, but can be female, and is either the constitutional head of state or the direct leader of the state.

    In a Sexocracy everyone except non-blacks would be able to fulfill their sexual desires because of the accessibility of SSPs.


    • He hates white people and thinks homies go before hoes.
    • He acts like your stereotypical pimp from 70's movies.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it brown.
    3. Add the eyes.

    You're done.




    • Black Nationalism - You wanna make a country separate from wh*toids but you listen to what bitches say.
    • Black Conservatism - You make a lot of money so i can respect that but why care about what bitches think?


    Further Information


    • BLACKED.com


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