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    Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a culturally left and commonly center-left movement founded to combat racial inequality and violence against blacks, as well as combat police brutality and boost black solidarity. Originating in the United States, the movement has since spread across the world.

    Some policies BLM advocates commonly support are reparations, funding Planned Parenthood and as of more recently, defunding the police. It also supports LGBT+ and its founders have stated that it is anti-capitalist, but not entirely communist either. It has gotten a lot more extreme in the midst of the George Floyd protests/riots and can now be seen working with Antifa and other far-left groups.

    Because of its affiliation with radical leftist elements (while not being radically left itself (most of the time)), it is one of the most hated social justice movements in America due to their enablement of civil disobedience and their bizarre takes on race and other issues (i.e File:Intersectionality-icon.png intersectionality, reparations, etc).


    BLM was founded after the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2013. It grew for a little while and reached its peak during the early Trump years, but eventually faded into obscurity once the liberal elite decided that the cause was no longer worthy of the limelight.

    This changed in early 2020, coming back into the public eye in the midst of the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. However, it truly rebounded after the death of George Floyd and later, Breonna Taylor. Since then, it has been a dominant force in the push for police regulation/equality and has become a lot more confrontational and violent compared to its inception in 2013.


    BLM is in your face constantly. Normally, he is a pretty chill guy, but if you bring up politics, he’ll show you what 10 years of African American Studies is capable of. When he groups with his buddies, he can become riotous and destructive, so he must be supervised by outside forces.




    • Black Conservatism - why cultural right? At least we're both blacks
    • Blue Nationalism - I like protecting minorities, but why are you blue?
    • Boogaloo - If there's one thing we can agree on, it's fuck da po-lice!
    • Marxism - I like saying I’m you but I also like being a for profit organization and a millionaire.
    • Black Nationalism - I try to appeal to you sometimes but I go against almost everything you stand for.


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