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    The Bingusian System is a proposed hypothetical ideal society. Its beliefs include a Stateless Monarchy, Galacticism, Pacifism, and Orchardism.


    The Bingusian Society is built off of the foundation of Orchardism, a system in which all families are granted fruit orchards to prosper for many generations. The head of the family of each orchard is the Orchardmaster. The orchardmasters will, in a horizontally organized common forum, speak with and advise our fair king on the people’s concerns.

    In essence, we are a stateless society but not one without hierarchy. In this sense, we are not true anarchists nor statists. We are more akin to certain traditional stateless societies which existed in the past, who had a “king” or chieftain, ideally operating as a strong moral figure for the people to look up to, but not a true state in any form. Organization was held together by cultural norms and mutual respect, as opposed to the rule of law. And that is the system we wish to implement.

    A system of communities, not under a state, but, by mutual agreement, under a fair king, who makes the decisions that a community simply cannot through pure mutual consensus.

    Pure anarchism is untenable. We cannot and do not want to abolish all hierarchy, for the very reason that not all hierarchy is ontologically bad. Hierarchy can often come from a place of respect and guidance. So, we will get rid of this oppressive, alienating state yes, but not the basic human principles of leadership and guidance.

    He also wants to unify the Galaxy and beyond, creating a great civilization which espouses both the ways of the past and the high technologies of the new.

    This gives us an ever building web of structures, based on the fundamental units of villages and communities around 200 in population (around 10 orchards) These will act as autonomous clans, under the stateless king system outlined above. Above that, these will be organized into culturally and geographically relevant provinces to facilitate trade. Each province will be presided over by a governor.

    And above that, all the provinces come together to form the grand decentralized intergalactic kingdom, “ruled” by the king of the galaxy. A basically ceremonial position, but one we hope will be filled with great respect and honor, and presided over by someone who is capable of settling inter-communitary disputes and keeping the eternal peace.

    It will be a united world yes, but the cultures will remain unique and protected, and traditions will be upheld. The culture and economy will not be globalized, but we will be politically united.

    Everyone will be entitled to an orchard and a horse (or vehicle of their choice), and their peaceful ways, free of obstacles and the obstructions of modernity’s beige encroachment.

    Culturally, we support preserving traditions that don’t conflict with our ideals of peace, freedom, love, and equality. Those that do will be replaced with new traditions and new culture, for an absence of culture in favor of solely an ideology ( ) is stupid and just results in collapse or intense societal disfunction.

    A Tolstoyian dream of everyone on idyllic orchard farmsteads, taking their lives into their own hands, living joyously in peace, freedom and love, it shall be glorious.

    Old Culture, New Tech

    And we shall utilize the technology, not simply fear it, just not becoming subservient to it, and taking it into our own hands. And making it just. And living with the old culture and the old ways, but with new powerful tools. And across the galaxy we shall ride on our great horses, and make every bacterium our friend. And orchards and love will be spread.

    Across the whole galaxy we shall spread. And high technology will be used only as a tool, never as a lifestyle. It will serve us, we will not serve it. A great civilization of immortal friends across the night sky, growing apples in eternal peace.

    For, even I was previously caught in the pessimistic delusions of primitivism and de-evolution. But I think now, that even though our modern culture is fundamentally corrupted or oppressive in many ways, we can’t simply end our path of evolution and progress. We can go back to ways of old culture and simplicity yes, but, technologically, we have to keep going. We have to spread peace and love as far as possible for as long as possible.

    We are at the great turning point of humanity. Soon, we will step into the great galaxy beyond our little planet. And if we are to undertake this, we had better come up with a new society, a better culture. Let’s not drag our corrupt ways into space with us. Let’s start fresh, and spread peace and apples to all.

    For even though we will have high technology and a galaxy wide civilization, we must remember to never again become consoomers. To never again become realists or nihilists. To never again commit the sins of the french revolution that spun us on our strange journey. To live like our ancestors did before all of these immense technological gifts. Even if we have instant medical care, we will still voluntarily feel the scrape of knee. Even if an infinite clean food source is discovered, we will still partake in the hunt. Even if all our problems can be solved, we’ll do it ourselves. Because that’s what makes us human. That’s what’s wrong with modernity. Not technology but the culture around it.

    We currently treat technology like food. Using it all the time as a means of basic survival. But we are amusing ourselves to death. Treat technology as a psychedelic drug. Taken in small doses to improve our spiritual experiences and further our goals. But the man who eats LSD like food overdoses. So too, we must be careful with technology and never again become consoomers.

    The problem that causes the fundamental emptiness of modernity is the lack of agency to survive. The lack of “the power process” as Ted K put it. So, we should still live like our ancestors and fight for our survival and fight for our food. Not just let prosperity fall into our laps. But, of course, the limited use of high technology provides a safety-net of sorts, which allows the full philosophical fulfillment of survival and the power process, but stops you from dying at age 20 from a broken arm.

    In this society, every species in the galaxy is free to live a good and fulfilling life of simplicity, peace, connection to nature, purpose, and apples.

    How to Make this Happen IRL

    Short Answer: We probably can’t right now. Everyone on Earth would have to simultaneously reject ideology and violence, give up all of their wealth, divide themselves into apple orchards, pick a king who’s content with having basically no power, and convince the rest of the universe to play along. It’s a longshot, to say the least. But that doesn’t matter to me. Why be pragmatic or practical in your views? You’re a teenager on the internet not a senator. Preach what you earnestly believe in your heart to be the best humanity can do. And try your best to live up to it. We may never reach utopia, but it’s better to try and get as close as we can than give up. And still, crazier things have happened. We’ve evolved before; we can do it again.

    But, never wait for your dreams to just fall into your lap, and never dismiss them just because they’re impractical. Take life into your own two hands and take action. Make it happen for yourself. Start an orchard. As Stirner said in 1844, “Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one's self.”

    Don’t be like the Communists, sitting around, wasting away, waiting for some imaginary “revolution” to come one day and do all the work of building a utopia for them. That’s never going to happen, because of one simple fact. Because all of them are waiting for the revolution, none of them are actually going to start it.

    Nothing will come of any idea if you dont act on it. Gandhi, John Brown, Diogenes, even Ted K, all took their lives into their own hands to make their dreams come true. And even if you fail, that’s a hell of a lot better than sitting on an armchair all your life doing nothing.

    Escaping Modern Emptiness

    Our postmodern failure of a society must be torn down and destroyed in its entirety so we can start fresh at the great beyond. It is, in essence, nothing but a man-made machine which consumes families and spits out concrete and shattered dreams. We will pull up their asphalt and plant apple trees. We will tear down their buildings and plant peach trees. We will destroy their parliaments and plant cherry trees.

    All they want you to do is consoom product, to lose any sense of objective reality and fully devote yourself to their illusions. To sell you air. Don’t be a societal reformer, be a societal rejector. Grow something. All the power they have over you is because you are dependent on them to survive. Become self sufficient. As soon as you start planting apple seeds their grips loosens.

    And never kill another. For even great men have been tricked into thinking there is honor in death. To die for nation is a tragedy. Whenever you kill someone, you are snuffing out a spark of the divine. You are permanently taking away from this world a father, a son, or a brother. Erasing a first kiss, a first word, a dream.

    The problem with these hyper philosophical “post-left” types is that they think they’re somehow freeing themselves from a system they still perpetuate. Capitalism is made-up bullshit but so is anarcho-ego-nihilist-meta-situationism or whatever. I used to be one, obsessed with the philosophy of rebellion, reading page after page of semantics and theory. But this isn’t the way to a happy life. You will never escape jackshit unless you embrace real sensations. “I think therefore I am.” “I taste therefore apples are.” “I love therefore other people are.” You will never get anywhere by obsessing over why things happen. Just let them happen and enjoy them.

    And in terms of your beliefs, make your ideology poetry. Don’t let go of your principles for the sake of pragmatism or practicality. It’s not like you’ll ever actually rule a nation, so just make your political views the fullest, most idealistic, most poetic, most philosophical possible extensions of your heart.

    It is time for a new movement to spread from the hearts of the youth. Not one of ideology or nationalism, but one of a new civilization. It will be the greatest revolution in the universe’s history, and not one drop of blood will be spilled. Start to grow the apples, everyone everywhere, start to grow. The Capitalist phase of human development is ending. It’s time for humanity’s final form, The cosmic providers of peace and love to all species in a cold indifferent universe. See you on the laser orchards, friend.

    If you are a Nazi or a Communist, or whatever the f*ck else, please, I am begging you, go outside. Just walk around a bit. Look up at the stars. Eat an apple, a real apple. Bite into it. This is what the universe gave us. And we have insulted it in our arrogance. Reject Modernity, Reject de-evolution, Reject Ideology, Reject Consumerism and Nihilism, Reject Hate. Take the orchardpill.

    Influential Figures

    • THE MONOLITH (?-)
    • Jesus of Nazareth (4BC-30)
    • Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760)
    • Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
    • Pierre Leroux (1797-1871)
    • John Brown (1800-1859)
    • Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
    • Emperor Norton (1818-1880)
    • Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
    • James Garfield (1831-1881)
    • Dorothy Day (1897-1980)
    • Terence McKenna (1946-2000)
    • Immanuelle (?-)

    Influential Pomologists

    • John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman (1774-1845)
    • John Aston Warder (1812-1883)
    • Andrew Jackson Downing (1815-1852)
    • Robert Hogg (1818-1897)

    Political Growth

    Bingusian System has undergone many phases. So if you are confused as to ideological and aesthetic shifts since you last visited this page, here is a chronological guide:

    • - The OG. Very simple, just conmon and distributism
    • - The auth. A dark time of death penalty spam and irredentism
    • - The pan-american. Orchardism introduced, and a primitivist mindset on society
    • - The cosmic. Full philosophical extension reached, a pacifist spread of apples throughout the universe


    Bingusian System is a simple guy who works on his orchard and enjoys nature. He feels deeply disgusted and alienated by modern culture and just wants to give apples to space friends. He will react against the misuse of authority but is defensive of peace and friendship as long as possible. No matter what’s happening in his vast empire, he’s always happy to talk about apples.

    How To Draw

    • Draw an apple with a green eye and a white eye
    • Add a mustache
    • Add a gold and blue outline
    • Invert colors for the sour varient



    • Raging Wild Animal - woof woof friend, woof woof
    • Suavism - My friend irl
    • Heemeyerism - Tear it all down!
    • Evolutionism - Apples and love will be spread throughout the galaxy
    • Jimmy Carter - Stay strong king o7
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Your heart is certainly in the right place, but you think too small and don’t go nearly far enough
    • Amism - Actually based as fuck??
    • Tomjazzism - You have the true motivations, to give a good life to everyone, but a bit lacking in ultimate ambition and scope
    • AshleyHereism - Sounds like environmentally friendly freedom
    • Floofel's Thought Let us all escape modern slavery by moving to farmsteads. Based agrarian enjoyer


    • Ideologies - Shut up and have some apples
    • Intelliperium - Please go outside
    • Stilluserr's Thought - A postmodern state with no reason to exist but to continue existing. A nation without a people and a regime without a cause
    • Charles Guiteau - Killed the only President I have ever respected. ROT IN HELL
    • Pantheonism - If I lived under your regime I would probably become a domestic terrorist
    • Southern Integralism - Sherman shouldn’t have stopped
    • HelloThere314ism - Sadly just another over-philosophical anti-grasser.


    Comment to be added or if you have questions or notes; I will be clearing fulfilled requests.

    Pantheonism - Damn, you sure do love terrorism, don't you?

    Cringe NeoConf

    • Neo-Majapahitism - Stateless Monarchy? What kind Absurd Concept Is That? Anyway Add Me

    Atronism - Add me?

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