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    Bill Cipherism is the ideology of Bill Cipher, the main antagonist in the series Gravity Falls. He wants to break all rules of the universe just for the fun. He's very selfish and wants to take over the whole universe. He can see everything that happens thanks to his all seeing eye.


    Bill, quite simply, was a master manipulator able to adapt, manipulate, and deceive others through the use of flattery, promises, mind control, or dealings throughout making himself and his objective a mystery. Despite his insane and sadistic ways, Bill was affable, if not obnoxious, to others, but this is only one of the many facades of his unpredictable personality; he is willing to betray, lie, and submit others to a life of misery and torment for his own amusement and shamelessly go back on his deals (whilst technically keeping his promise) through his word lineage and manner of phrases. At times, Bill displays a murderous temper, though seldom seen, and it causes his voice to become deep and guttural, accustom to many beliefs of demonic figures. He also appears to be aware of his insanity, as when Gideon states him as such, he shrugs it off, asking what his point was.




    •   Gideon - You have helped me a lot, but not anymore!
    •   Junko Enoshima - Fellow hyperreal   chaos bringer, just too materialistic and despairful for my tastes.


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