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    Not to be confused with Fascist Aggressivism.

    Flag of Bikchurinism

    Bikchurinism, also known as Fascist Darwinism, is a variant of social darwinism that advocates a fascist society with social darwinist principles. Bikchurinism advocates that all non-fascist political positions are actually leftism and leftism must be countered in order to preserve "the natural order of Earth" and it also advocates that inequality, human competition and human wars are imminent and cannot be avoided.

    Bikchurinism also advocates that national socialism and classical fascism are true forms of fascism, and that corporatism and social darwinism economics are the true economic forms of fascism, bikchurinism is against all forms of cooperation and commerce, because it is considered as communism by bikchurinism.

    Bikchurinism also advocates that Russian Empire should return in form of a fascist empire and all former lands of Russian Empire should return to Russia. It also advocates that the New Russian Empire should get into a permanent state of war with the whole world, until the whole Earth is finally Russia and the natural order of Earth is finally restored and preserved. Bikchurinism also advocates that non-white and non-slavic ethnics should be slaved by Russians and all social and political relations can be explained by social darwinism thoughts.

    Bikchurinism also has influences of Avaritionism and of Kraterocracy, but differs for both because the defense of a fascist state united with social darwinist economics and organization.


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