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    Yes, officer, THIS page right here.


    Bigotism is the belief that every social justice movement that has ever existed is doubleplus cringe and is therefore degenerate. Nobody is safe from Bigotism’s hatred; white heterosexual men are just as degenerate to Bigotism as black transgender women. He speaks exclusively in racial slurs and offensive language exclusively at at least 200 dB, triggering every SJW in a ten-mile radius (16 km). He is often found committing hate crimes or being contradictory since he just hates everyone.


    Bigotism hates everything; no ifs, ands or buts about it. Constantly complaining about the people he doesn’t like, but is too much of a little bitch to confront them directly. As such, it is very small for a polcompball due to its very low self-esteem. It can best be described as all of the negative aspects of Alt-Right, Hyper-SJW and Sabkvism combined into one ball.

    How 2 Draw

    • Draw a ball and color it black. Make sure the eyes are “angry” and positioned in the “dumb” area (one on the top left and the other on the bottom right).
    • Draw a huge red “X” on the center of the ball so that it goes through both eyes. Put many smaller “X”s in the ball, away from the large “X”.
    • Color the eyes orange.
    • Optionally, make it look even more retarded. Then, you’re done.






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