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    Bi-piratism consists of both forms of pirate ideologies: piratism and hydrarchy. It is also bisexual.


    Bi-piratism seeks to consolidate both hydrarchy's pursuit of liberation from the "land" powers of central imperial governments, and piratism's values of online freedom of speech and privacy as equally valid forms of achieving civil liberty. In addition to that, they advocate for sexual freedom as well, seeing both homosexuality and heterosexuality as needlessly restrictive.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Unlike hydrarchy's typical version of pirates, bi-piratism plays up the aesthetic aspect, acting more flamboyant and flirtatiously aggresive. They still do the accent because it's fun.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball with the bisexual flag on it.
    2. Draw a skull in white (or very clear lavender) at its center
    3. Below the skull, draw a sword and the piratism flag icon crossed (or for simplicity's sake you can just do the crossbones or crossed swords)
    4. Add pirate accesories



    • FDF-Pirate.png Piratism - The vast sea of the internet must be kept as free of a haven as the actual sea! We also watch movies together
    • Civlibert.png Civil Libertarianism - Based all around
    • Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism - What else do I have to say about me based drinking matey? Be gay, do crime!
    • Falgsc.png FALGSC - We will sail across the stars in a galaxy beyond scarcity!


    • Pirat.png Hydrarchy - Love yer whole aesthetic and achieving liberty through a maritime society, let's just avoid looting the poor and innocent
    • Bixarchy.png Biarchy - Bisexuality be absolutely based, but it's supposed to be freeing, not the opposite
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - Ye either barter with us or we will be forced to plunder those rainbow keychains and queer-friendly movies




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