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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Bhoulism is an authoritarian, economically center, culturally left-wing and nationalist ideology representing the views of Aniah Bhoul, a politician in the fictional nation of Synzeria. Although the ideology is named after her, it isn't necessarily tied to her, but is rather an ideology which mirrors the beliefs of her movement, the Nationalist Party, and her followers. It could be likened to how anyone can call themselves a Trumpist as long as they hold the same values as Trump.

    Bhoulism is placed roughly on the center of the economic axis. It supports a market economy with a welfare state and a Protectionist foreign trade policy, ensuring that local businesses thrive. However, the ideology isn’t very stubborn when it comes to economics and fully embraces a Pragmatic fiscal policy.

    What differentiates it from other progressive ideologies is its opinions on Nationalism and immigration. National pride is something that it holds dear and it is also a firm believer in Synzerian exceptionalism. Although, this has made the ideology very critical of immigration. Its scepticism of immigration is on the same level as some of the more radical Right-Wing Populist thinkers, supporting a very low level of immigration and repatriation of "unworthy" immigrants.

    Social Progressivism is one of Bhoulism's core tenets. It wants a bigger representation of LGBT-individuals, more equality between the genders, less religious prominence and much more. Albeit, this progressive mindset has also increased its hostility towards immigration as it believes that "bigoted aliens" will shift society to the right.

    Although the ideology still supports a democratic system of governance, it wishes to increase state power to reach its goals. It reckons that a strong state is needed to be able to build a truly equal society and keep its nation safe from outside influence.


    Synzerian Libertarianism

    Synzerian Libertarianism is the unique brand of Libertarianism commonly found in Synzeria. It has a lot in common with Bhoulism, but is a lot less authoritarian and regulationist.

    It supports a free-market economy with minimum government intervention. Most parts of the nation's infrastructure and companies should be privately owned and make as much money as possible. It does, however, also want some Welfarist policies to help the needy in society.

    This strain of libertarianism takes a lot of inspiration from National Libertarianism and believes that unrestricted immigration will limit freedom and tolerance. Synzeria is believed to have the perfect climate for a progressive, free-market society and the introduction of outside forces will throw off this balance. It also supports Synzerian culture, seeing it as a perfect foundation for further growth and modernization.


    Seiderism is based on the thoughts of Fent Seider, a member of the Nationalist Party. He is considered to be a more conservative Bhoulist politician.

    Just like all other adherents to Bhoulism, he supports Progressivism and holds generally left-wing social views. LGBT rights is something that he especially stands behind. Although, he isn't 100% progressive and sees some merit in conservative views as well, as long as "they aren't bigoted".

    When it comes to culture he is a fair bit more conservative. Synzeria and its culture is close to his heart and this can be seen in his policies. Restrictive immigration and sponsored cultural events are fully supported by him.

    New Nation

    New Nation was the ideology of a faction in the Nationalist Party by the same name. The faction was disbanded due to its radicalism, but its advocates are still an active part of Synzerian politics. It could simply be described as a version of Bhoulism which is more radical in all ways possible.

    It wants to create an authoritarian vanguard which will enforce progressive values and rid Synzeria of foreign influence. Because of this it is generally sceptical of Democracy as it could give power to conservatives. Although, the ideology isn't fully totalitarian as this would limit the rights that it wants to spread. It is, however, a firm believer in "the paradox of tolerance".

    New Nation is very progressive, even more so than its mother, Bhoulism. It wants to create a totally equal society with sexual freedom, drug legalisation, environmental protection, social justice etc. People who would try to stop this march of progress would quickly be imprisoned or executed.

    Unlike other similar ideologies it fully embraces Third Positionist economics, believing that Capitalism disfavors minorities and Marxism is fundamentally conservative. A semi-corporatist system would be in use with a big welfare state and affirmative action for minorities and women.

    The most controversial part of New Nation is its Ultranationalism and extreme xenophobia. It believes that any outside influence will destroy its utopia and that the purity of Synzeria will be corrupted by immigration. It has been accused of being fascistic due to its politics and affiliation with the Alt-Right. This is a label that it firmly opposes as it sees fascists as "nothing more than reactionary charlatans".





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