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    Beryist Society refers to the practices, ideology and policies of the discord server of the same name (Beryist Society). It promotes hate speech censorship, trend assimilationism, critical support of Beryist-aligned ideologies (liberalism, libertarianism etc.), devotion to Bery and seamonkey worship.



    Beryist Society actively engages in the censorship of speech and images. Particularly, it censors hate speech towards people based on their identity, pornographic images as well as the swastika (which is often seen as Nazi imagery). This is expressed in Rules 3 and 6 in the official rules channel which are: "No NSFW images of any kind, whether that be pornography or gore" and "No (unironic) discrimination of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, et cetera.". This is also expressed in Precedent 2 which is "Slurs are now banned. intentional bigoted use of them will be punished with 1 hour mute. all other uses will be punished with 10 minutes".

    Cult(s) of Personality

    There are two major cults of personality within Beryist Society: One surrounding Bery, the overall leader of the server and one surrounding Iamseamonkey, a well-known and liked moderator. The one surrounding Bery is very small, and mainly exists within only a few lines of text. The one surrounding seamonkey however is much more prominent as Bery has repeatedly time and time again advocated for "seamonkey worship". Although the cults of personality do not amount to much, the two individuals they surround certainly wield authoritarian power within the server. Such as how seamonkey banned usage of the word "retard".

    Trend Identity Assimilationism

    One common occurrence within the Beryist Society is the practice of naming oneself after a naming trend which follows a basic outline with minor parts that people can change or edit to their liking. Currently, there are two major naming trends within the server are:

    • Putting the word "Bery" in one's name (a testament to the cult of personality surrounding the server's leader "Bery")
    • Naming onself "the (TRUE/FALSE) pope of (insert whatever you like)". This could perhaps hint at Beryist Society being a very religiously diverse society, if it were to exist in real life. This trend was started by nguy and carried out by Duy and M99

    Anti-Bonerforcism (later)

    Bonerforce was an unpopular user on Beryist Society who got banned after mocking (?) a user's dead family and denying war crimes. Most members of Beryist Society despise Bonerforce (except - -|-, OceanClouds, ChronicLuna, and Omega), before and after he got banned which is why this sentiment is considered to be a tenet of Beryist Society's ideology.



    The Inner Circle

    • Bery - The leader and owner. All hail Beryist Society!
    • IAmSeamonkey - "Seamonkey is our god" - Bery
    • ChronicLuna - Devout follower and Beryist. Doubleplusbased.
    • Liberalism - Promote liberalism, make liberal propaganda, spread liberalism, vote liberal parties, adopt liberal children, help liberals, enforce liberalism, kill-non-liberals, abort non-liberals...pe non-liberals and enjoy liberalism.
    • Hive-Mind Individualism - Join the trend! C'mon, just join it...

    The Bureaucrats

    • DuyPham - Moderator and devout follower, your service is welcome. Also close to left-wing liberalism
    • Afunhumaninter - Same as above, except closer to right-wing liberalism.


    Non-Members (PCBMHtards beware!)

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