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    Berberism, also known as Amazighism, is Islamic political ideology and movement throughout North Africa. The movement is very Jihad.png Jihadist Cball-Isis.png in some of it's forms. The idea seeks to unite all Berbers/Tuaregs under one single unified banner.

    History and Variants

    Cball-Algeria.png Algeria

    In Cball-Algeria.png Algeria, Berber Separatists have proposed several times an independent Berber state called Berberia. On top of this, the Kabylian Movement for Self-Determination also seeks a lesser Berber state called Kabylia.

    Cball-Libya.png Libya

    In the on-going Second Libyan Civil War, various Berber Militias have popped up and have attempted to gain the independence of a Berber state in the southern half of the country.

    File:Cball-Mali.png Mali

    In Mali, Berberism is big in the on-going Malian Civil War under Azawad. Azawad's Berberism is led by two main movements; Coordination of the Azawad Movement and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad.

    Cball-Morocco.png Morocco

    In Cball-Morocco.png Morocco, one of the most successful Beber movements exists: Cball-WesternSahara.png Western Sahara. Cball-WesternSahara.png Western Sahara has been semi-successful in fighting off Moroccan forces.

    File:Cball-Niger.png Niger

    In Niger, various Beber Nation.png nationalist groups have appeared such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Sahara.

    How to draw

    File:Berber flag.png
    Flag of Berberism





    • Ispop.png Islamic Populism - You're a great parent... but you're also helping my enemies.


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