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    origin & history

    There was a random dog, somewhere in Lower Saxony, called “Benzo”. He saw how chaotic the Netherlands were. He had to make an own ideology. He want his own, steady country. God had to become the leader. That was very clear. But there were some things, where God doesn’t care about. For example how high wage’s are. He made an ideology, fair as possible for everyone. An important rule of God: everyone is equal to each other. He ran into a problem. It was chaotic. A leader was needed. His idea was. One person, that should listen to the people. Only not if the people are against God or when they have an idea, what is not realistic. Benzo was finally happy with his ideology and conquered the four most east provinces of the Netherlands. He was murdered by a Frisian on 18-09-2022. Benjamin ( the heir of Benzo ) started a country in Afrika with the Benzo ideology and named it: “Benzosaksen”. He named the ideology: “Benzo’ism”.



    It thinks that God made rules and that we all should listen to them. You don’t need to do it perfectly, they are only guidelines. But if someone even doesn’t try to listen to the rules of god, he enters the lower position in the society. For the thing that God does not care about, there is a government existing of the Duke and seven representatives of the population. But the count needs to listen to the people, except if the people want something that is against God or if something really would not work. To know what the people want, he can send a referendum if he does not know for sure. The duke kan choose his own representatives and heir. The people can protest, as long as it is in a peaceful way. If the most people want the duke removed from power, they can just do so. Because everyone is equal to eachother. Even the duke is equal to the rest. But it things you need a leader. Otherway it becomes a chaos. In the case that the duke is removed from power, his own chosen heir becomes the new duke.


    Everyone pays 20% percent of their income to taxation en the minimum wage is 2500$. Not everyone get the same wage. If every job has the same wage, the most people choose the easiest job. No one want to work in healthcare anymore, because it’s hard and you don’t get extra money. So you need differences in wages. The laws over the workers are in the hands of the workers. The prices of products are decided by the workers. They no how match work it cost to make a product and what materials you for a product. But if the workers everything makes to expensive, the government can intervene. All shops/markets need to be registered by the government. Not registered shops lead to 5 years in prison for the manager(s) and 6 months for the people that work there. Once in a year in every municipality. There is a great market. Everyone from the environment can sell things at this place. And everyone can buy things from other normal poeple.


    It beliefs God made everything. Also the nature. Nature is beautiful. So be careful with it. It’s really vulnerable you may have a great garden, but add some nature in your garden. We need te protect the nature. Nature is not dying because of carbon dioxide, so can easily build a factory. But not too many. We have to protect our nature.


    It believes that the interests of its own country are most important, however, it should not come at the expense of other nations, everyone is equal to each other. but if he had to choose between his own country and other countries, he would pick himself.

    Cultural Values

    He is against discrimination, but he is also against BLM (Black Lives Matter), because he thinks it is racist to all other races. Just do normal to everyone but stop with calling everything discrimination. Everyone needs to try listen to Gods rules. The rules are in the bible. If you don’t have a bible, you get it from the government. It’s impossible to make it mandatory that you believe in God. Because this is a sort of feeling that you have. But everyone has to try. When you believes, you. Can wash you with the holy water. When you’ve done that, you need to make your believe in God stronger.

    meaning of the flag

    The white cross on the flag stands for Christianity. The green flat is for the nature, the red flat is for socialism and communism, the bleu is for the holy water. If you wash with this water, you will be free from your sins and go to heaven. The brown is for Benzo that made this ideology. The shield is for the poeple and Benzo is in the middle of it because he represents the poeple. The underneath it, is the Duke of te country. The duke is carrying the poeple. The crown is for God

    Personality & Behavior

    He can get really mad at someone if they hate God or are a proud Frisian. His accent is Gronings/Drentish/Twentish Lower Saxonian. Has normal person he is just like a Labrador. I want to sleep, eating, getting attention and guard his territory. He also pray to god because he is a baptist.



    • Protestant Theocracy - Just a Christian who is not Catholic.
    • National Socialism - I like you very much, but pure the parts of Nationalism and Socialism.
    • Skeletron Thought - IRL friend.
    • Monarcho-Fascism - Not chaotic, so it’s good!
    • Patriotism - The golden ratio between Nationalism qnd Globalism.
    • Catholic Theocracy - You are Christian and Herman Finkers is part of you, but stop praying to statues and start praying to God.
    • Islamic Theocracy - You pray to God, so you and are good.
    • Agrarianism - Farmers, Beer and carbon-emission!


    • Hindu and Buddhist Theocracy - A religion and a way of living WITHOUT GOD? HOW DARE YOU!
    • Talibanism - DO NOT FUCKING KILL PEOPLE!
    • Anarchists - Get a government plz.
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