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    Bennism is the Socialist and Left Unity ideology of the former cabinet member of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and former president of the Stop The War Coalition, Anthony Neil Wedgewood Benn. He is especially well known for rebelling against the Labour Party establishment, sticking to the parties more Socialistic roots.



    • Socialism - 'We are not just here to manage capitalism, but to change society and define it's finer values'
    • Democracy - 'Democracy is the most revolutionary thing in the world'
    • Corbynism - Carries on the socialist legacy well. These claims of Anti-Semitism have no basis in reality.
    • Jesus - I believe in Jesus the Prophet, but perhaps not christ the king.


    • Marxism - 'If the labour party could be bullied or persuaded to denounce its marxists, the media, having tasted blood, would demand it expel its socialists and form a harmless alternative to the Conservatives. thus, British capitalism would be made safe'
    • Trotskyism - I defended militant from being expelled from the party back in the day, but i do not appreciate being referred to as Kerensky.


    • New labour - 'There are real dangers that need to be taken seriously, all of them New Labour's making.'
    • Thatcherism - Ruined everything. I do respect her though.
    • Monetarism - Victims of Market Forces.
    • European Federalism - 'My opinion on the EU is not that i am hostile to foreigners but that i am pro democracy. i think they are building an empire there, and i do not want us to take part in it.'
    • Kinnockism - I never thought i would say this, but I miss Michael Foot.

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