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    "Remember: those in paradise no longer know desires, no longer know pity or love."

    Benefactorism is a far-AuthLeft ideology, based on Yevgeny Zamyatin's dystopian novel "WE". It is the belief that rationality and equality are superior to imagination and individuality. It claims for a total surveillance of society, as well as completely planned and synchronized lives, possessions, workspaces, movements, schedules, etc.
    Benefactorism's name comes from the Benefactor, a giant robotic entity that is the head leader of the One State.


    Benefactorism believes that logic and reason shall and ought to be superior than creative thought or any other form of abstraction, and even treats "souls" as illnesses. He advocates for a supreme state, called "One State", that applies surveillance to all citizens through police force and transparency (literally, with all buildings and structures made out of glass), and forces equality, automation and synchronization in every citizen's lives, also believing that names should be replaced by numbers and sequences of letters, such as D-503 and I-330. Benefactorism also thinks industrial processes and jobs should be the main source of interest of all citizens.
    As a final goal, Benefactorism believes that, in order to extinguish individuality, imagination and unpredictableness, everyone's lives should be completely automated, even goin as far as to transform everyone into robots, and the concept of private property should be abolished, as everything would be property of the One State. To represent the One State, Benefactorism advocates for the creation of the Benefactor, a giant robotic entity used as a symbol of leadership and religious figure, being venerated by all. It may resemble "1984"'s Big Brother.


    Benefactorism is based on the novel "WE", written in 1920, and published in 1924 by Soviet author Yevgeny Zamyatin (RU: Евгений Замятин), who did so outside of the USSR, due to strict censorship laws that forbade any works, that criticized the state and/or celebrated their enemies, even though the novel was not a direct reference to the Soviet state.
    George Orwell read the novel in a french translation and wrote a review about it 8 months before creating the novel "Nineteen Eighty-four". Orwell is reported as saying that he was "taking it as the model for his next novel". Robert Russell, in an overview of the criticism of "WE", concludes that " 1984 shares so many features with "WE", that there can be no doubt about its general debt to it".
    George Orwell also claimed that Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"(1932) must be partly derived from "WE". However, in a letter to Christopher Collins in 1962, Huxley said, that he wrote "Brave New World" as a reaction to H. G. Wells' utopias long before he had heard of "WE".

    How to Draw

    Flag of Benefactorism

    The Benefactorism flag is inspired by one of "WE"'s covers.

    1. Draw the outline of a circle.
    2. Fill the circle in with red.
    3. Draw a grey line in the middle from the center-bottom to almost the center-top of the inside of the ball.
    4. Draw a grey, thin and tall parallelogram from the center line to a shorter line to the left of the center line.
    5. Repeat the previous step, but with a white parallelogram to the right of the line, completing the center structure.
    6. Add two shorter structures, with the same steps as the previous one, touching each side of the central structure.
    7. Draw the outline of the eyes, accordingly to Benefactorism's current expression (almost always smiling), fill them in with white and you're done!

    Personality and Behavior

    Benefactorism is very methodical, every of his moves and actions are planed and timed. He is always smiling and hates art (except for the One State anthem). He's also workaholic, carries a Russian accent and is usually seen wearing his characteristic blue attire. He refers to himself as we/us.


    The Benefactor

    • The Benefactor - Long live the One State, long live the numbers, long live the Benefactor!


    • One Statism - An ideal number! We just want you to get off that computer, the internet brings cr**tivity!
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Ah, yes, perfect synchronization and equality! The Benefactor would be proud.
    • Corporate Eternalism - That immortality for infinite work of yours is really interesting, we also have some plans like that.
    • Stalinism - Nearly our real counterpart.
    • Ingsoc - Great way off abolishing privacy and self-identity. Also, that Big Brother looks like the Benefactor.
    • Autodaleism - That's how the cycle of life should work.
    • Technocracy - People really should let the experts rule over, they know best.
    • Post-Humanism - The ultimate number! Now no one will get sick from imagination and dreams, stability will become eternal!


    • Fordism - It's nice how you already plan everyone's lives even before they're born and how you crush individuality, but your citizens are all sick! None of them knows what reality is! It is the exact opposite of our principles!
    • D-503 - Don't worry D-503, the "process" will get rid of your disease.
    • Marxism - I don't believe the power of the proletariat should be our goal and seriously? Stateless society? But, still, you are a big supporter of equality and if weren't for you, our revolution (and also the last one) would never have happened.
    • Dengism - Nice industries and surveillance but what are those m*rkets we hear about and why do you like them?!
    • Totalitarianism - Although we do agree the State is important, you falsely claim to promote the community thought.


    • I-330 - BUSTED, YOU SICK! There's no process for you, you shall become pure water and steam, freak!
    • Social Democracy - The common good can't be achieved if people have the freedom to be individualistic and infected with imag*nation...how's Denmark so developed?
    • Christian Theocracy - The reign of Christians is over. we've built the garden of Eden and now no one shall eat the forbidden fruit, for the Benefactor is now god!
    • Kraterocracy - EVERYONE should work with the community and rule of the strong is barbarous!
    • Libertarianism - Freedom only leads to competition, unhappiness and imag*nation.
    • Capitalism - You really think m*rkets can regulate themselves?! Also, F*CK PRIVATE PROPERTY!
    • Kakistocracy - ...This has no salvation.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - You better stay outside the green wall, you beast!

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