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    Bendyism is the idea that whoever completes the chapters of BATIM should become ruler. It is like A BATIM player supremacy. They must claim to be sent by Bendy.


    • Does whatever Bendy allegedly tells him/her to do
    • Is pro-choice and pro-gay (any unborn fetus goes to the ink machine)
    • Is anti-market
    • Playing Bendy games is the way you get higher in political power
    • That capital punishment is legal
    • There is a patriarchy
    • Bendy multiplayer mods are how caucuses are ran
    • You have to be an atheist or neo-pagan to run


    Bendyism is a very inky ball. Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind a trail of ink. He always takes a shower to eliminate ink.


    1. Make an ink dark ball. (#121521).
    2. Draw a beige (#f9b4e7) Bendy head silhouette.
    3. Draw the eyes.



    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - My ink religion is questionable, but live and let live...
    • Dem.png Democracy - Let's decide the next cartoon in Joey Drew Studios through a popular fanbase vote.
    • Abort.png Abortionism - Your abortions are welcome to our Ink Machine! We really need their soul remnants
    • Changed.png Furry Assimilationism - He also wears a mask and leaves inky goo trails wherever he goes. BASED!


    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - The only thing Bendy wants from you is the five pointed star.
    • Ansm.png Anarcho-Smashism - When Bendy gets in Smash we'll be friends; until then, screw off.


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