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    Belousism is an authoritarian, religious, culturally right and economically left self-insert ideology of Maxim Belous. It advocates for uniting human race against aliens under the rule of Belous into one Mighty Space Empire. This ideology belives in Kanonism and anti-aliens chauvinism.

    Political Journey














    (2023- )



    Credits to Artem Ivanov

    Belousism wants to create authoritarian kind of goverment with Belous at the head of it(only Kan is higher). Under him goes the Supreme Council of his friends, who accept new laws and rule parts of the Empire. Under it goes a higher parlament of AIs, where they create advices for the council, economic plans and solving people's problems. Then goes lower parlament of the smartest humans where they doing secretary work, sending petitions to the higher goverments and doing municipal rulings.

    All 3 branches of government are controlled by the ruler. Belous is a monarch, but the aristocracy class almost does not exist, since the ruler hates them.

    The AI ​​Parliament is completely controlled by the ruler, but also has autonomy. He basically solves the problems of the state himself, but the ruler can intervene at any time.


    Belousism belives in socialist economy. Economic plans are being created in higher parlament. Also in some sectors of the Empire there are free markets. Belousism does not oppose capitalism, since capitalism exists in some subjects of the Empire. The economy is built mainly on a huge industrial sector.


    Belousism has his own race theory with hierarchy of living forms:
    0)Kan. He is an ultimate being above everything.
    1)"Humans". Acording to this, humans are equal, wich is not true, but average human in the Empire is being treated well and work on easy jobs. They still can't get goverment positions, but they can send a messege to parlaments with their laws proposals and other stuff.
    2)"Humanoids". Those are anthropomorphic aliense. They must work at factories, plantations, construction sites, etc.
    3)"Inferiors". Those are non-anthropomorphic aliens, political oppositioners and Kan's heretics. They are working on the worst and most dangerous jobs, being raised as food and the bravest are getting gigadetonator'd.


    People are basically equal and are almost never oppressed. People have been granted full civil rights and people live freely. The state may violate human rights in some cases.Of course no one will know about this. Unlike humanoids, working people are provided with permanent social benefits. People are also provided with free education and medicine. People have the right to housing from the state, as well as to the provision of labor by the state.

    Humanoids have virtually no social benefits. They are provided only with free primary education.They work harder jobs and are also paid less than people. But still they live in decent conditions and the state takes at least a little care of them.

    Inferior races have no rights at all. They live on separate closed planets. Many live in labor camps and work there constantly, Because as we say, “Arbeit macht frei”. In most cases, alien scum are used to produce food (both through physical labor and with their bodies), And are used as servants by their rich human or humanoid masters. The most uncontrollable, embittered, vile and powerful races are being destroyed.

    Alien oppression linked to Kan - Qan War. Aliens are considered heretics and incapable of believing in the “true God”.


    Monarchy is mainly an aesthetic part of ideology. There is no hereditary rule, since the Great Leader will rule forever (literally). A leader can only be removed by physically destroying him. And then there will be a struggle for power in the council to identify the strongest new Great Leader.


    Kan Theocracy

    Personality and Behavior

    Belousism is a great emperor of his Cosmic Empire. He loves his people(humans) and hates aliens. He is supercilious and brave leader and great tactic, but he absolutely can't talk to women.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill with dark purple
    3. In the center draw geometry dash cube icon №134 in red and gold
    4. Draw a small black star in the center
    5. Draw eyes, a mix of a crown and a peak hat with Kan symbolics, a scepter with stars and symbols of Kan, some cool sword in his hands
    6. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark purple #2C006C 44, 0, 108
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Gold #FFD800 255, 216, 0
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0



    • Monarchism - This is the best way for me to rule!
    • National Bolshevism - Great economic and social system. But I don't like how filthy totalitarians views nationalism. Humans are equal(mostly)!
    • Artem Ivanov - Good friend of mine, even though he is anarchist.
    • Stellaris - My favorite game!
    • Hearts of Iron 4 - My second favorite game!!
    • Racial Nationalism - The race of people is superior!
    • - Interesting and good ideas! I especially like an authoritarian state with a Great Leader. But I am sad to see such a weak demographic policy. But I can definitely say that you are BASED!
    • Kan Theocracy - True God!
    • Jadedism - Looks like a solidly based ideology. I definitely like a lot about your views.
    • Danielism - I definitely like the fact that you are an authoritarian monarchist. It is also good that you are a capitalist, but do not oppose socialists.Just please remove the anti-Slavic sentiments, this is unreasonable.
      • - I only oppose communists. Socialists are OK.
    • Hellwalkerism - Your views are quite based!We both love space, industry and the authoritarian state!But unfortunately you remind me of this...
    • Neo-Optimateism - Futuristic Hyper capitalism? Mostly BASE, however I do not support hyper capitalism and some other aspects of your ideology. But the economy is really impressive... You are much better than those below, and I think you are now in the right place.
    • Corwin Schott Theory - We are similar in many ways, but you are too progressive and Minarchic totalitarian.Overall it turned out well.


    • Humanoids - They're dirty creatures, but they feed my people. At least they are look a bit like humans.
    • Illiberal Democracy - I mean it is authoritarian, but what's even a point of faking democracy? Putin on the other hand...
    •  Neo-Afunhumaninterism - You're better than average. But you are too democratic and progressive for me. What? No no no! I will not do it! NO! PLEASE HELP ME!.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Your ideas are mostly nauseating, But some of your modes were cool.
    • Strasserism - Your Nazi ideas, agricultural policies and environmentalism are poisoning you.At least you haven't committed genocide... Yet.
    • Genosse Owens Thought - Overall not bad, but you are an atheist, a communist. And you're too culturally left-wing.
    •  Daniello - Despite the fact that you are democratic and a environmentalist, you are also a socialist and Individualist, which is very good.
    • Meowxism - In any case, this is better than simple liberalism.


    • Inferior Races - "If the inferiors want a picture of the future, imagine that the boot of humanity has stepped on the face of their race-forever."
    • Libferiors - The greatest shame of human race! You all are going to "the sanatorium"!!!
    • Misanthropy - Those filthy alien nationalists again! Send them on plantations!
      • - Aliens? Wtf do you mean?
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Capitalist egoist! Go to the labor camp!
    • National Capitalism - Against people and also a capitalist! labor camp!
    • Humanitarian Socialism
      - An ordinary liberal in a different package. Your collectivism and universal friendship only leads to stagnation and extinction of humanity! told you correctly that without a strong leader people will begin to be lazy, which will lead to a crisis and collapse of your state.
    • Pol Potism - Listen, by any chance were you hired by aliens? In any case, you are destined for an unenviable fate!
    • National Socialism - There is no "superior nation"! There is only a superior race - Humans. You will answer in full for your crimes against humanity!
    • SJW - Another liberal disgrace, and even with a mental disorder! And now, ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ В ДУРКУ, УРОД!
    • New World Socialist Model - Market socialist...Democratic... Environmentalists?! Friends with HumSoc?! Well, everything is clear here...
    • DECBism - You are literally IT -

    Кремируйте его быстрее!

    • QAnonism - ARE YOU ONE OF THESE (((Qanonists)))?! ELIMINATE!!
    • Qan Theocracy - You will be destroyed! Every single one!


    Neo-Optimateism - Add me, if you want. (Добро пожаловать, однако).

    • - Categorically fulfilled. (Спасибо, однако).

     Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Добавьте меня, пожалуйста.

    Hello, it seems we have very similar ideologies. My ideology is Amism on pcbwiki.net

    • Belousism - Greetings! We indeed have very similar ideologies with minimal differences. Thank you for showing me that I'm not the only schizophrenic. I mean, thank you for showing me your ideology.

    - Hey there, been a good bit, my page has gone through a good deal of changes since you added me, mind rereading it now and seeing if your opinion on it has changed?

    • Belousism - Your page is good even after the changes.

     Daniello - Add me?

    Danielism - please add. You remind me of me but on a grander scale and socialist.

    • Belousism - I added. Please add me too.
      • - Added.

    Corwin Schott Theory - Add me.

    Meowxism - add back mayhaps?

    BasedSnowFlakeism - add me!

    Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - Can you add me? I added you.

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