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    Beelzebubism or Gluttonyism is a non-quadrant and mostly anti-theistic ideology which desires a society based on the sin of gluttony and the overconsumption of food, alcohol, drugs and others, because of this Beelzebubism is extremely Consumerist, under beelzebubism the government would have the role to guarantee the "needs" of the people are fufilled, this can be achieved in many different ways which are discussed in the section bellow.


    There are many ways a Beelzebubist society could work, under various government and economic systems for as long as they allow or incentivize gluttony, here are some of these variants.

    Capitalist Beelzebubism

    One of the more common economic systems to be followed under Beelzebubism as capitalism already overproduces many things, under a capitalist beelzebubist system the people would be incentivized, likely by the government, to overconsume to vast quantities of goods manufactured by the market, but Beelzebubism could potentially work in other forms of Markets if they so can overproduce.


    The anti-statist alternative for Beelzebubism, it may work inside an Anarcho-Capitalist system or any other types of Anarchy if they can allow individuals to overconsume. Anarcho-Beelzebubism critics the state in the way it can and has in many cases done things that stopped the individual's gluttony, like the banning of drugs, calories regulations and forcing the people

    Beelzebub Cultism

    Contrary to what one may imagine, Beelzebubism isn't inherently Paganistic, it is only anti-theistic to religions who do not allow it to practice gluttony, which ends up being most religions. Beelzebub Cultism/Beelzebub Theocracy believes in the existence of The Lord of The Flies and whorships it, the act of gluttony becomes divine as a sign of devotion to the demon Beelzebub.




    • Market Socialists - If you guys can overproduce just like Him than were okay.
    • Satanic Theocracy - You guys could also worship me, right?


    • Communists - You guys have a history of starving people, tho They Do like some weed.
    • Environmentalism - WDYM we can't keep overproducing? YOU WANT ME TO STARVE OR SOMETHING?!

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