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    Bear Ba'athism is an extremely progressive version of Ba’athism that strongly embraces LGBTQ issues and other progressive values. He has a special love for the Bear Community (a community within the LGBTQ community) and embraces hyper-masculinity (although he is still a strong ally of effeminate gay men and feminists).

    How to Draw

    Flag of Bear Ba'athism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it white
    2. Draw a brown stripe on top
    3. Draw a burnt orange stripe as the second stripe
    4. Draw a sunglow yellow stripe as the third stripe
    5. Draw a cream yellow stripe as the fourth stripe
    6. Draw a white stripe as the fifth stripe
    7. Draw a gray stripe as the sixth stripe
    8. Draw a black stripe on the bottom
    9. Draw a black beret and add a bear paw on it
    10. Draw a red triangle in the far left middle of the ball, and you're done!




    • Homofascism - My crazy ex-boyfriend. Manly gay authoritarian nationalism is cool and all, but the fascism and nazism stuff is very cringe.
    • Bi-Bismarckism - Overall, you're a good guy. But you really need to move a little bit to the left on economics. And stop being a damn imperialist!
    • State Liberalism - Authoritarian Progressive values? Yes. But liberalism, globalism, and capitalism must all go!
    • Transilminism - Nationalism, authoritarianism, trans rights, and the occasional welfarism are all based, but you're still a capitalist atlanticist (at least the latter for the most part) pig.
    • Femboy Fujimorism - Sorry, liberals aren't my type.
    • Kurdish Transcommunalism- We can both work against those bigots, but no independence and leaving my country! You will learn your place under my foot, and if you cooperate with me accordingly, then maybe, JUST MAYBE... I might think about granting you your independence.
    • Lesboxhaism- Socialism is good and lesbian rights are very based and all, but I absolutely cannot stand your dogmatism and anti-revisionism sometimes. It really gives me a headache. Also, learn to be more nice to your ex, even if you think she's a "revisionist" or "social imperialist".
    • Baked Gorbachevism - My weed smoking bro! But you're still too liberal and friendly with the west for my likings. Although you do mean well.
    • Final Liberalism - Wokeness is great. And advancing society is great too. But you are fucking terrifying.
    • Pink Stroessnerism and Pink Banzerism - YIKES! You 2 are big, bad, capitalist bullies. You abuse the people working under you both! And what do you think of my new sneakers? Thanks, guys! And I like your authoritarian Progressive values.


    • Lipstick Kahanism - A major rival of mine. She embraces Zionism AND Capitalism.
    • National Feminism - MY MORTAL ENEMY! A homophobic, nazi, man hating, trans hating BITCH!!!!!!!
    • National Bolshevism - Fake socialist who is actually a bigoted Nazi. You're disgusting.
    • Khrutu Power - You're disgusting too!
    • Islamic National Bolshevism - Racist, homophobic pig fucker!
    • Radical Feminism - You disgusting man hating TERF!
    • Kahanism - Homophobic, capitalist, AND Zionist!
    • LGBT Zionism - You may be gay, but don't expect me to date a Zionist! Get your butt out of here! (Although your butt IS cute... okay, maybe one coffee. )
    • Indonesian Nazism - Disgusting Nazi, racist, homophobic, transphobic fake socialist garbage.
    • Libertarian Conservatism - "Libertarian Conservative" is just a nice way of saying "Homophobic Capitalist."
    • National Libertarianism - Conservative, anti authoritarian capitalist. Bye Felicia!
    • Paleolibertarianism - Ditto. You are appalling as well.
    • Homoconservatism - You bastard!
    • Conservative Liberalism - So you're a conservative, a liberal, and an imperialist all rolled up in one? So I have a question, how do you sleep at night knowing that you are pure evil?
    • Reaganism - Nasty homophobic American neocon capitalist imperialist! Your ideology will die. Ignore the fact that Reagan and Saddam used to be good friends at one point.
    • Thatcherism - You are a liberal, a conservative, AND an imperialist! Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
    • Baked Thatcherism - Sigh...You're just a more progressive version of the bitch above you. Woke Neoconservatism is still imperialist and capitalist garbage.
    • National Capitalism - What's worse than a regular Nazi? A capitalist Nazi!
    • Klansmanism - Oh, God. You are a cowardly idiot clinging to the past and hiding being your mama's bedsheets.
    • Hoppeanism - Fuck you. You are a capitalist, racist, homophobic shit stain!
    • Korwinism - Fuck you too!
    • Pink Hoppeanism - You are one of the biggest fucking idiots I have ever met.
    • Exploding-Heart Libertarianism - I really don't give a flying fuck whether or not you consider yourself a "Revolutionary Progressive". You are a garbage libertarian, a filthy capitalist, and a disgusting crypto-imperialist.
    • Reactionary Capitalism - A Reactionary! A Capitalist! You are the worse!
    • Reactionary Liberalism - A stinky bigoted liberal!
    • Reactionary Libertarianism - Yep, libertarianism just makes bigotry thrive.
    • Reactionary Neoconservatism - Atlanticism? Bigotry? Reactionarism? Liberalism? Capitalism? Globalism? You are literally the embodiment of everything I hate and stand against!
    • Trumpism - LOL. Have fun in prison asshole.
    • Trans Sharia - Ummmmmm....what the hell? First off, you're a theocrat, and I'm secular. Second off, Sharia law doesn't protect your rights at all, in fact, it does the complete opposite. And third off, your ideology is just contradictory as all hell, and I don't get why anybody would unironically support this.
    • National Democracy - Okay, so three things: 1. Fuck you. 2. Fuck you. And 3. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Burmese National Feminism - CRAZY ASS BITCH!
    • National Pol Potism - You call yourself a socialist, but you are honestly one of the most appalling ideologies in existence. You are a racist, homophobic, genocidal maniac that is also a proud anti-intellectual idiot. I’m not scared of you. You’re just a puny dork and whiny loudmouth. And I’m a big, strong gay man who is going to beat you to a pulp!
    • Homophobia - You're canceled.

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