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    Batovism is a nationalist and militarist ideology with center-left cultural values that embodies the political beliefs of Pavel Batov in Hearts of Iron IV mod, The New Order.

    He can lead a warlord state called Sverdlovsk and unify Russia under a paternalistic junta.

    Rise to Power

    After the unification of the Urals, an election will be held to choose the successor of the former leader, Konstantin Rokossovsky. Batov is one of the candidates, and he will be running against Boris Yeltsin, who is more popular than him. The player will have a choice to either rig the election in favor of Batov or let him lose fairly.


    Batovism is a political ideology that aims to form a benevolent and paternalistic military junta to safeguard the Russian people from corrupt warlords. It recognizes that unbridled power can lead to corruption and therefore, establishes a military council to constrain the leader's authority. Batovism is rooted in nationalism and patriotism and places great importance on militarism. It treats soldiers as equals and brothers.

    Regarding diplomacy, Batovism believes that Russia must be united before transitioning to democracy. It aligns with the Organisation of Free Nation to fight against Nazis.



    • W.I.P


    • Sablinism - Fellow former military officer and protector of the russian people but why do you hate me?


    • Karbyshevism - Traitor to the Russian people who thinks that we should start World War 3 to get revenge on the Germans. Get executed or assasinated.
    • Taboritskyism - Insane German bootlicker


    Pavel Batov TNO fandom wiki page


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