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    Basement Dwellerism is the ideology of basement dwellers. Basement Dwellers are a large grouping of people who are essentially man-children leaching off their mommy's wallet and/or welfare. Note, however, that while most basement-dwellers do indeed live in a basement, this is not always the case. A basement-dweller needs only to live under the care of their parents long after he or she has the facu­­lties necessary to become a contributing member of society. They are characterized by spending unhealthy amounts of time at home and being completely useless to society. Though this ideology is technically non-quadrant, it can be seen as libertarian-unity because it is considered by some as a good praxis to avoid taxes and escaping wage slavery.

    Types of Basement Dwellers


    Atheists, also known as Redditors, are perhaps one of the most common types of basement dwellers besides gamers. They like to browse Reddit and other pseudo-intellectual sites. It is mandatory that every single one of them owns at least one fedora. On the rare occasions that they go outside, they like to debate christfags and act like an asshole. For overlapping theory, see New State Atheism.


    Nerds are among some of the most common types of basement dwellers, albeit, not ALL of them are basement dwellers and some of them even come out quite successful. But those who are basement dwellers are often highly anti-social (often as a result of bullying), ugly and is quite knowledgeable of a particular, non-mainstream part of a hobby. Each and every one of them DREAMS of having a sexy (wo)man enter their room or having a sexy (wo)man’s room to enter.


    Gamers are a prime example of basement dwellers, most notably the ones who play World of Warcraft. They like to play video games all day and stay up all night playing video games too. It is typical of them to demand snacks from their mom and leave their room a mess, devoid of any sunlight. It is common for a gamer to not move from his chair for hours on end, even to use the bathroom; to which they find other alternatives.


    Weeaboos, also known as Japanophiles or just weebs, are degenerate Westerners who want to be Japanese soooo badly. They love watching animesz and furthering their depression by being homestruck and watching more heart-wrenching animez. They are also known for many cringe-worthy moments in public because they like dressing and acting like the freaks they watch on TV. They also prefer cartoon women to real women.


    QAnon, Boogaloo, Rothbardians and 13-year old boys alike all belong in this category. They most likely live in their mother's basement to avoid paying taxes and think any regulation, especially gun regulation, is literally 1984.


    Leftists are known lovers of animu and haters of fascists, capitalists, bigots, xenophobes, islamophobes, homophobes and conservatives. Antifa is one of the most notable proponents in this category, but what separates them from other basement dwellers is that they sometimes prefer to live outside of their parents' basement.


    4channers are known to stay inside all day making threads on 4chan.org with quality posts full of gore and child porn, and also trolling people so hard that they commit suicide.


    SJWs are exactly like and no different than 4channers, but are completely politically opposed to 4channers and aediots, whereas they only start drama for the lulz, SJWs only start drama in the name of social justice (as well as to stoke their e-penises and give themselves a sense of unwarranted self importance) but only end up making a fool out of them selves in front of normal people.


    Boys, often times grown men with neck beards, who watch My Little Pony religiously. Need I say more?


    Furries are perhaps the bottom of the barrel when it comes to basement dwellers; if you see one out of their natural habitat, RUN. and keep you're distance. They are known for their incessant cringe and inability to interact with non-furs (despite being anthropophobic, they sure are anthrozoophilic). Most of them are terrible with money because they save it up to buy fursuits and fly to furry conventions. Don't believe us? Just take Furry YouTuber Pineapple Fox who has stated in a "fruity" livestream that he lives with his parents and only livestreams when his parents are away. It is unknown if his parents know that he is a furry though. He also sells body pillows of himself for money.


    Trekkies are a type of fanboy that is obsessed with Star Trek. They love dressing up in home-made Star Trek costumes and going to comic conventions.


    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, your life is NOTHING. You serve ZERO purpose. You should kill yourself NOW. And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen, in ozone layer, that’s covered up so that we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Because what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself! I mean that with a hundred percent with a thousand percent.

    Notable Basement Dwellers

    Some ideologies here on the Anarchy wiki and other people are based off Real Life basement dwellers, such as in the list which follows:

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball; optionally make it fatter than a regular polcompball.
    2. Fill it dark grey.
    3. Draw a white box with a staircase.
    4. Draw a light bulb hanging on the ceiling.
    5. Optionally give it a neck beard.

    Your done!

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