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    Based Autism is an civically Authoritarian (but sometimes Totalitarian),economically right-wing and Anticommunism.pngAnti-Communist (as well as anti laissez-faire capitalism) culturally React.pngReactionary,Religious.pngReligious and extremely Esoteric (but is anti-AbrahamicAbrahamic Unitism.png) and diplomatically Ultranat.pngUltranationalist with a combination of NatsocAryan.pngPan-Aryanist ideology that inhabits the Authright.pngAuthRight section of the political compass.He is the child of Basedism.pngBasedism and Autism.pngAutism


    Based Autism's main aim is to unite the Aryan race under one flag,creating an Aryan Imperium,which in turn would lead to a pan-Europid bond forged both racially and spiritually and nurtured by culture protected by the state,enforced by the elite.


    Based Autism is best describe as an Authoritarian (However in some areas he is more Totalitarian leaning),He believes in a strong government under and Aristocracy led by an Absolute Monarch combined with a feudal caste system,believing a strong government is necessary to maintain law and order.The State would control the media with non-state media also allowed to exist as long as it doesn't go against the government.Even though he is a strong authoritarian,he opposes full on totalitarianism (aka IngSoc).He believes people should be allowed freedom as long as they do not act against the government.He also supports reform of the education system,starting with the removal of all forms of cultural marxism and political correctness,followed by a focus on religion,politics,history and culture and giving students the oppurtunity to study whatever they want.He also supports mandatory education until age of 16 with exams being optional.He also supports government surveillance and the establishment of a secret police force to hunt down communists and government opponents such as Antifa.


    Unlike the majority of Fascists,Based Autism is not economically centrist,rather he is very right-wing in terms on economic policy.Being rather more of a National Capitalist,he hates Communists,calling it an invention of the Jews as a way of stealing wealth and hoarding it for themselves and sees the ideology as "Christianity for Atheists". He supports free-markets (without a lassez-faire attitude),planned economy,flat tax and the abolishment of the Welfare State.He believes government regulation is necessary to protect consumers.He is also highly protectionist,supporting local production within his own country.He also supports people being allowed to own private property as long as it doesn't interfere with the state.


    Based Autism is culturally far-right,being a Reactionary.He supports the return to a traditonal way of life cleansed of all jewry,the creation of a white ethnostate,the criminalisation of LGBTQ+ activity,traditional gender roles,family values,racial segregation and much more.He supports punitive justice over rehabilitative,and believes capital punishment should be used for the most serious such as murder,and rape.He hates modernity,seeing it as the result of jewry and despises globalism,progressivism,pacifism,multiculturalism and any sort of degenerates,believing they should be exterminated.He is very supportive of Eugenics as way of stopping deformities and disabilities.He also supports a ban on abortion,viewing the act as murder and believes doctors who do it should be executed.He believes libtards are soyjaks that should be used as forced labour.He is also very racist and homophobic.


    In terms of foreign policy Based Autism is very Isolationist and non-interventionist.However he supports also a Pan-Aryanist,believing his country (UK) and other Aryan nations should form an independent alliance of sovereign states,which he calls the European Brotherhood.The main aim of this alliance is for each of the Aryan nations to help each other in times of need,with nations that are a part of this alliance get to keep their sovereignty.Thus he can be described as both an Ultranationalist and an Identitarian.

    Conspiracy Theories:

    Based Autism is a massive fan of conspiracy theories,as he believes the fall of western civilisation and the rise of modern world as the result of a Jewish NWO,whose main aim is to replace the white race through multiculturalism and miscegnation.He views the Jews as puppets of the Demiurge,an evil entity that created and controls the universe,and that the true god Monad and his Aeons are trying to help the Aryan race and liberate them from Demiurge's control.He also believes in Hollow Earth,where he believes Agartha and Shambhala are located,and really wants to go there and reunite with his Aryan brothers.He also believes that Aryan race originated from the lost arctic continent of Hyperborea,whose original inhabitants came from the Aldebaran star system,which he would also like to visit and help fight in cosmic war between Cosmic Aeons (Aryan aliens) and Cosmic Archons (Annunanki/Reptillians).He also thinks Hitler actually survived WW2 and fled to Antarctica with other Nazis and are waiting to launch surprise attack on Jewish NWO.He is also a COVID denier,believing to be a lie created by (((Them))) and that 5G is a danger to us.He also believes in the existence of UFOs and that the government is hiding aliens from us.He is also anti-masker and anti-vaxxer,and believes in many more schizo conspiracy theories and likes to watch Alex Jones and David Icke.


    Based Autism is very Esoteric and Spiritual person,he likes doing rituals,magic,astral projection,communicating with aliens and much more.He spends hours on end researching Esotericism,the Occult and Ancient Mythologies.In terms of religion he is best described as a Luciferian Gnostic-Dharmic Pagan with elements of New Ageism and Hermeticism.He hates the Abrahamic faiths,as they are creations of the Demiurge (who has trapped our spirits in the material world) and wants to destroy them.He believes that once we finally acheive Gnosis,the Demiurge will be destroyed and we would ascend to a higher form and reunite with Monad and Sophia in paradise.He also believes in reincarnation.


    While Based Autism doesn't believe that climate change is being caused by humans,he is still very environmentalist,being an Eco-Fascist and supports Neo-Luddism.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Based Autism is an INTJ-T,being highly introverted but intuitive,using his thinking skills when making important decisions and is very judging of people as well as quite turbulent.




    • PCB Euras.pngEurasianism-We are both Authoritarian Traditionalists who hate liberals,but he is also a NazBol that wants to stop globalism by uniting half the world
    • Nazbol.pngNational Bolshevism-A commie who also hates (((them))),that's kinda based ngl
    • Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism -Nice guy who called me half-based,but I don't like most of his views tho.
    • Typicalfan2.pngTypicalFan1 Thought-We are both Nationalist and culturally Right-Wing,however you are too moderate for me
    • GenShrekf.pngGeneral Shrekretary Thought-You are based,but if you could drop the Communist crap you would be welcome in Agartha
    • SomeCrusader.pngSomeCrusaderism-I like your Traditionalism,but you are too moderate and a christcuck.





    Vindex#0335 (Discord)[BANNED]


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