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    BaronOBism or Baronism is a ball representing the personality and personal ideology of the user Baron of Bahlingen. It is more or less a more specific derivative of Geoconservatism, the general ideology that user identifies with. Baronism believes in a Conservative political ethic maintaining a connection of society to the past and to each other, believing societies will always collapse and become riddled with anomie and strife if there is not a strong connection to the community and strong adherence to societal customs and traditions, believing religion (specifically Christianity) is vital to society and must remain a part of social life. He will call himself a "Radical Conservative" not in that he is more extreme than most Conservatives, but in that he believes that Conservatism is worthless as mere lip-service unless it actively enables the people to pursue a traditional life, treating the term as the right-wing equivalent of Radical Liberalism.


    Despite being in favour of preserving cultural traditions, Baronism is emphatically not a Reactionary, believing any sort of nostalgic idolisation of the past to be nonsensical and naive. To him, traditions are alive, and are the language or means by which societies find commonality and recognise each other as part of the group. Traditions with negative value are not seen to be necessary to maintain, only preserving that which is banal or evidently positive. He rejects the Progressive notion of society moving in a positive direction forward, rather believing that what is right always was and always will be, and that modernity comes with issues that must be proactively worked out.

    Baronism believes Neoliberal Capitalism and the abstraction of American culture in specific, and all culture in general, are behind much of the problems in the world. Baronism believes, as Distributists do, that the best kind of economy is that which is based on smallholders and local, especially family-owned, businesses.

    To tie the community together and preserve community-focused economic development, he advocates for a sort of localised Social Corporatist system involving local business owners and local workers partaking in town-hall democracy to weigh the interests of both parties to decide on development from larger corporations within the community. In general, the idea of localism is important to him, as the larger the polity, the less involvement and thus less investment in that community’s future.

    The form of government proposed by Baronism would be a 'multi-legged pyramid' of increasing concentration of power, basing itself from local communities, and then upward to states or provinces, and then up to a national level, each tier deriving its authority from the one below it and not vice-versa. Social programs would mostly be handled on a regional basis, such as healthcare which would be handled by states or sub-state districts, or business regulation which would be done on the community level.

    Despite supporting more or less direct democracy in some sectors of society, he is emphatically pro-constitution, as it is seen as the best guarantee against majoritarian tyranny, but also conversely the arming of the public, as it guarantees the people can act either as individuals or as a collective against all kinds of tyranny. He believes this balance must be maintained, with no party taking the check away from the other.

    While not married entirely to an economic ideology because it's boring nerd shit lol, Baronism advocates for Georgism, seeing it as an ideology that permits individual initiative in the economy without rewarding idle and anti-productive activities, and also helping serve the community through a dividend. In general he prefers using a citizen's dividend (or UBI) rather than centralised welfare programs to help the poor, believing it creates less dependency and bureaucracy, and preferring to let communities handle the desperate.


    Baronism is sort of bipolar, trying to seek genuine dialogue at times, decrying obnoxious ideologues as unable to understand human interaction, but also coming back against those he feels argue in bad faith or just those who disagree by being excessively (but often ironically) obtuse and offensive, making immature jokes and at time using slurs and internet neologisms. He will argue this is all deserved because "they were actually gay for disagreeing with me, its scientific fact" but no one listens to him.

    When he meets someone with an ideology he considers not real or "autistic" he will make sure to hurl insults about their showering habits, ability to please women, and height. The most typical targets of his derision are Left Communists, Marxist-Leninists, anti-Democratic Libertarians such as Hoppeans, Boomers, Weeaboos and Pagans. Baronism recognises the validity of the observation that all weebs are political extremists, and thus believe unreal and absurd things, and thus must be relentlessly targeted without mercy. This bigotry at times pushes away those who would otherwise find commonality. In general, he has the personality of both a 'wholesome 100' supportive commenter and of an indignant internet troll.




    • Reactionarism - Return to tradition? Why don't you return to some bitches?
    • Libertarianism - Quit bitching about big government, not all programs are created equal, just admit you don't care about poor people.
    • Conservatism - Conserve what must be preserved, don't do it in vain.
    • Bookchin Communalism - When we talk we find a decent bit in common but I'm not reading your dumb books, nerd.
    • Progressive Conservatism - You're right, Conservatism isn't just static resistance to change, but you seem to be buying into this "progress" narrative too much.
    • Neoluddism - Yeah, I know, modernity has huge issues, I hate technology too, but bro, go the fuck outside then.


    • Marxism-Leninism - How are you gonna seize the means of production when you can't even seize a bitch?
    • Nazism - You whine about being guilt tripped over the six million, yet you haven't even gotten one bitch.
    • Esoteric Fascism - "Muh Jew God" is your god degenerate, get real traditions rather than digging up fossils to jerk off to.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You a least admit you hate the poor, too bad I despise you. Good luck escaping the McPrison Camp when you get to Ancapistan.
    • Left-Communism - Why read theory when I can watch a 10 minute video on it by a guy who intends only to mock it?


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