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    Barbatos Theocracy is a theocratic ideology and one of the main ideologies of Mondstadt after the fall of Decarabian Theocracy. Barbatos Theocracy is the idea of honoring and the worship of Barbatos and the church having a role to play in Mondstadt society. The ideas of Barbatos should be considered as Barbatos Freedom instead. The current variant that stands in the church today is Reformation Barbatos Theocracy which stemmed from a church schism during the Late Aristocratic Period.


    Barbatos Theocracy believes that the honor and worship of Barbatos should be incorporated into everyday Mondstadt life even without the presence of Barbatos. As such Barbatos Theocracy believes in building churches and statues of Barbatos to show their honor and commitment to Barbatos. Religious figures should uphold Barbatos' values through ceremonial and teaching means to teach the leaders and people about Barbatos and make sure that the people and leaders are still fully committed to Barbatos. Barbatos Theocracy also somehow believes that every good deed is somehow linked to Barbatos for some stupid reason despite Barbatos not really doing anything at all.

    The Four Winds also used to be worshipped which consists of Vennessa, the Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, Andrius, and Dvalin. There were temples made dedicated to their honor. However after the Cataclysm they fell into decline and were soon forgotten.


    Aristocratic Church

    During the Late Aristocratic Period, Barbatos Freedom beliefs were much more different from his contemporary. Barbatos Theocracy preached about abstinence and that people should refrain from sinful desires in order to avoid divine punishment. It supports the aristocracy a lot and its clergy even dined with the aristocracy. It is very conservative only allowing songs deemed holy being played on the harp and only holy choir praises can be played at the time in the cathedral. This variant has died out after the end of the aristocracy possibly due to Barbatos intervention.

    Reformation Barbatos Theocracy

    The current variant and the most dominant variant in present-day. During its era it was progressive at its time and populist as well as anti-authoritarian rebelling against the current church's ban on certain music being played in the cathedral. After the end of the aristocracy, the church became more culturally conservative being more communitarian and less populistic as it once was but still cares about the people. But now he's more aligned with Favoniusism and likes to help out people or try to deal with their sins in a more soft way like a therapist.


    Early Aristocratic Period

    The Church of Favonius was created after the rebellion against Decarabian with Barbatos becoming the archon and the god of Mondstadt. Barbatos Theocracy became an integral component of Lawrencarchy as a way for the people to keep its faith towards Barbatos and ensue Barbatos' values in the coming years. Venerare Lawrence put a Barbatos statue to commemorate Barbatos during that time.

    Late Aristocratic Period

    The Church grew corrupt along with the aristocrats. Many priests dined with the aristocrats and tried to control the people by preaching abstinence as a way for aristocrats to enjoy themselves without problem. Only "holy" songs were allowed to be played by the lyre.

    Church Schism

    Somewhere in the Late Aristocratic Period the church suffered a schism causing a new variant of Barbatos Theocracy known as Reformation Barbatos Theocracy. This variant is more populist and more favored towards the common folk. Many followers often sing popular praises and hymns on their own accord and often detest the aristocrats. They were crucial in overthrowing the aristocracy. Reformation Barbatos Theocracy was more culturally left.

    Current Church

    Reformation Barbatos Theocracy ended up succeeding that of the Aristocracy. After becoming the main variant that controls the Church, Reformation Barbatos Theocracy became more conservative and communitarian focusing less on populist rhetoric and more on community and keeping the values of Barbatos alive. The current church is supportive of Favoniusism.


    Barbatos Theocracy is basically the nuns and priests you see in Mondstadt and often stays in church a lot. Barbatos Theocracy loves to indoctrinate people about the greatness of Barbatos and has recently try to assure people that Barbatos is real as some people even doubt the existence of Barbatos. Barbatos Theocracy can often been seen given everything good that happens to Mondstadt credit to Barbatos even if Barbatos doesn't even seem to exist in Mondstadt. Barbatos Theocracy nevertheless says thank Barbatos or may the Anemo Archon protect you stuff like that.



    • Barbatos Freedom - The values we make sure are kept in Mondstadt for all the time Mondstadt exists.
    • Favoniusism - The current protectors of freedom and the greatest devotees of Barbatos of today. Thanks for helping me run the Cathedral of Favonius.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Down with all kings and tyrants!!!
    • Anti-Monarchism - Mondstadt has no kings at all and that's exactly what Barbatos wants. Barbatos is a king to us though.
    • Femboyism - Yes glory to our almighty femboy!
    • Communitarianism - I like to help the community out or help people get rid of their bad problems and habits.
    • Moralism - We help people with moral needs.
    • Populism - The current me formed from the common people themselves.


    • Catholic Theocracy - My counterpart in real life but you supported a lot of tyrants and monarchs which I hate.
    • Lawrencarchy - The Lawrence Clan used to worship Barbatos as well but he became corrupted and disowned Barbatos later on and even torn down the great Barbatos statue so I joined Vanessa's rebellion.
    • Morax Theocracy - I used to think the Lawrence Clan sold our city into the slavery of Morax but that was just a trick from Barbatos to destroy the Lawrence Clan. Still he thinks I'm lazy. But at least Barbatos and Morax are close to each other.
    • Liyue Model - Basically he thinks I'm stupid and calls me a godless nation for not having a god with me while he brags having a god with him all his life. Still I think he's fine. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE MORAX DEAD HUH CAPITALIST PIG!!!
    • Istaroth Theocracy - I used to worship him as well but sorry I kinda forgot about him though, sorry.
    • Dracocracy - We used to worship the four winds and thanks for saving us from Durin. But you scare a lot of people sometimes and after the Cataclysm we kinda forgot about you.
    • Andriusism - Same as above
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - I preached you during the times but now I see you as heretical.
    • Progressivism - You were needed during the degeneracy of the aristocracy and the church during the time but a lot of things you do is sinful and I don't want to take part of it.
    • Police Statism - Mostly cringe, you mostly take away freedoms so it's better to have knights handle matters of law. But I sometimes use Rosaria to help police Mondstadt and keep Mondstadt safe though she really isn't devoted to Barbatos.
    • 4x Thought - I appreciate religious freedom and worship of Barbatos is voluntary but we still got to realize the importance and contribution of Barbatos. Also I'm not really a big fan of looting.


    • Secularism - We need to make sure everyone still has Barbatos in their hearts and not forget him! Barbatos is an important part of our lives.
    • State Atheism - You know what's worse than forgetting about Barbatos, literally hating him.
    • Simpism - Just stop harassing Barbara already along with your stupid fan club of yours! Also calling Barbara Barbara-sama is cringe.

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