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    Barbatos Freedom is the ideology of Barbatos and modern Mondstadt today. Barbatos Freedom is a Libertarian Unity ideology and existed since the fall of Decarabian to the Late Aristocratic Age and from Venessa's Rebellion onwards. Barbatos Freedom believes that Mondstadt should be ruled by no kings and arguably no government at all. Barbatos Freedom used to be ok with aristocrats but aristocrats got corrupt so now Barbatos Freedom even hates aristocrats as well.


    The tenets of Barbatos Freedom is basically Mondstadt should be ruled by no kings at all or any absolute ruler of any kind. The land of Mondstadt should basically be a land of freedom where the wind blows as freely as possible just like the people there. Barbatos Freedom believes gods shall not have any rule in Mondstadt as that'll create a new king in Mondstadt so any gods should basically let go of Mondstadt. That doesn't mean that gods don't have any presence in Mondstadt and as such worship of Barbatos and formerly Istaroth was allowed and encouraged but not forced upon.

    What is Freedom

    According to Barbatos Freedom, freedom is the ability to be as free as the wind. Freedom is a spirit thing where the spirit has no obstruction but to live life the way the spirit likes. Just like how the breeze goes through the world freely, essentially the spirit shall also be like wind go anywhere without obstruction. Freedom should also be something that looks towards the future and should pictured as such where the wind blows freely and allowed to spread. One of the biggest freedoms is the freedom to travel freely.


    Barbatos Freedom advocates for the people to resist as resistance is the backbone of Mondstadt and freedom. Barbatos Freedom believes that the past should never be forgotten and that the past should always be a way to fuel resistance in the land of Mondstadt. When people build resistance to tyranny, the people will rise up and overthrow tyrants. Barbatos Freedom believes that only people rising up could grant freedom for everyone.



    Lawrencarchy is the first attempt to establish a free Mondstadt where aristocrats rule. It used to be the dominant ideology of Mondstadt but due to corruption it eventually got overthrown and replaced.

    Main Article Lawrencarchy


    After the end of the aristocracy, a new model for Mondstadt was introduced being ruled by the Knights of Favonius instead. This model continues to exist in Mondstadt up to today.

    Main Article Favoniusism

    Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought

    Main Article Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought


    Barbatos Freedom is very rebellious and really love cherishing his freedom a lot. He likes shouting windblume and to take down tyrants. Barbatos Freedom is a huge alcoholic often drinking dandelion wine and other types of wine. Barbatos Freedom also loves to put up many festivals to celebrate freedom and to write poems and songs to celebrate freedom and just to have fun. In modern times Barbatos Freedom is usually portrayed as either Barbatos or an average citizen of Mondstadt.



    • Barbatos Theocracy - Without Barbatos, Mondstadt will never be free.
    • Favoniusism - One of my followers who keep my values of freedom to today.
    • Anti-Monarchism - DOWN WITH KINGS!!!
    • Republicanism - You hate kings as well and want to overthrow them! Based!
    • Jacobinism - You also hate kings and the aristocracy with passion.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - DOWN WITH ALL TYRANTS!!!
    • Populism - For the people of Mondstadt, we will overthrow Decarabian and the Aristocracy.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - Ok I have to admit, we two are alike.
    • Alcoholism - Dandelion Wine is the pride of Mondstadt also Barbatos is an alcoholic.
    • Dracocracy - Dvalin is one of the four winds who saved us from Durin and also I saved him from the Abyss Order!
    • Andriusism - Andrius is one of the four winds and helped remove Decarabian and also made the land lush.
    • Insurrectionary Anarchism - You like to make resistance groups which is based.
    • Dilucism - A different way to protect freedom is always the best way to protect it.
    • Liyue Model - Mondstadt and Liyue are often good friends and get along very well. But please tell your people to stop making fun of me.


    • Lawrencarchy - One of my failed students, at first he was good and actually kept the values of Barbatos but he slowly turned corrupt and became even worse than Decarabian so I had to remove him and exile him.
    • Morax Theocracy - Me and Morax are close friends but the man is an old block head.
    • Classical Liberalism - The American Revolution was based because it hates kings as well and fought for freedom, the America Constitution also hates a nobility class which is even more based. However please remove your slavery because it reminds me of filthy aristocrat.
    • Globalism - You like freedom of travel which is based but the I hate working with the Fatui!
    • Eulaism - Yes she's a knight of Favonius and although she seems fine for now, she's also a descendant of the Lawrence Clan so I'm watching you.
    • Archoncracy - While I do appreciate being one of the Seven, I an archon decide not to rule Mondstadt directly because it'll make a new king of Mondstadt.
    • 4x Thought - Based but why do you give amnesty to looting so much?


    • Autocracy - DIE TYRANT!!!
    • Decarabian Theocracy - DOWN WITH DECARABIAN! UP WITH BARBATOS!!!
    • Absolute Monarchism - Literally Decarabian!
    • Aristocracy - Yeah I thought the aristocracy was good, but you were a mistake.
    • Isolationism - LET THE WIND BLOW FREELY!!!
    • Neo-Lawrencarchy - The Aristocracy was evil, I don't even know how you miss those times!
    • Ei's Eternity - Why do I feel like you are just like Decarabian, what's with that storm wall and the Vision Hunt Decree you have?
    • Teyvatian Theocracy - I decided that Mondstadt should not have a new king so I will not rule my people directly, instead I'll let the people rule themselves and live as a bard and get very drunk.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - STOP TRYING TO TAKE OVER ME! ALSO GIVE ME BACK MY GNOSIS!!! Also screw that larper Nathan for tarnishing my name by serving the Fatui and committing war crimes!
    • Abyss Theocracy - Do I need to explain why he's evil?

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