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    Banderaism a rather strange and comical offshoot of Ukrainian nationalism. The essence of ideology is the revival of a certain Ukrainian empire that existed in ancient times, as well as the eradication of left-wing ideologies, Zionism, polish and russian nationalism. Adherents believe that the ancient Ukrainians created most of the modern European culture and civilization.


    The UPA (Ukrainian Insurgency Army) was born in 1942, when Nazi.png National Socialism killed the Cball-Ukraine.png Free Ukrainian State. Their main goal was Ukrainian independence.

    They fought against Nazi.png Nazis and their collaborators (Melnykists and SS Galizien), ML.png Red Army, Soviet partisans, and Polish Home Army.

    Despite the popular belief, supported by Cball-Poland.png Poles and Cball-Russia.png Russians, UPA were not Nazi collaborators. Although a year before its formation, notable nationalist leaders did work with Nazi.png Nazis, hoping that they would give them independence, formed the Nachtigall and Roland battalions, both composed of mostly Ukrainans. On 30th June, 1941, Free Ukrainian State was proclaimed, but it didn't last long because German forces betrayed them, imprisoning most leaders and putting some of them in concentration camps, like Sachsenhausen.

    It is true that UPA was responsible for the 1943 massacres against the Cball-Poland.png Poles in Volhynia and they don't deny that it happened.

    Overall, the history of UPA is very complicated, and due to the abundance of whatever it is false Russian/Polish media or pro-Bandera propaganda.






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