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    Banderaism refers to the ideological thought of Stepan Bandera and Ukrainian ultranationalism as a whole. The ideology stresses on the idea of the Ukrainian nation and its territorial sovereignty. Modern incarnations of Banderaism wish for Ukraine to be in a third position between Western Atlanticism and Russian Eurasianism, rejecting both in favor of a nationalistic Ukrainian state free from foreign influence. Banderaism historically called for the end to Zionism and the creation of Greater Ukraine, leading to the massacres of Poles in Volyhnia. Some adherents believe that the ancient Ukrainians created most of the modern European culture and civilization.


    The UPA (Ukrainian Insurgency Army) was born in 1942, when National Socialism imprisoned the memberers of Ukrainian Nationalist Government. Their main goal was establishment of independent Ukrainian fascist state.

    They fought against Red Army, Soviet partisans, and Polish Home Army and claiming to fight against Nazis

    Stepan Bandera's legacy is controversial. While glorified by Ukrainian nationalists as a founding father of the Ukrainian nation, he has also been denounced as a Nazi collaborator. Bandera's ultranationalism and its support in today's Ukraine has been used as an ideological pretext for the invasion of Ukraine, with "de-Nazification" becoming Russia's main casus belli in the international arena.





    • Axis Collaborationism – I was willing to join the Germans in liberating Ukraine from the commies. But they refused to make Ukraine independent!
    • Nazism - Thanks for fighting them , but you rejected our call for independence! Regardless, pretty based if done right!
    • Zelenskyism - We have to defend Ukraine from Ruzzia! But you're still Jewish...
    • OUN-M - We have the same goals, but I must be the leader of Ukraine!


    • Putinism - FUCK YOU, YOU EVIL MOSKAL! YOU WILL NEVER CONQUER UKRAINE! You're Mongolian! Get your hands off our holy Ukraine!
    • LGBT - Shameful.
    • Stalinism - Stupid Katsap! Let me eat!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Take your communism back to Russia! Stop oppressing Ukrainians!
    • Sanationism - I just took back what's mine and kicked expansionists out!
    • Slavic Nationalism - Literally dead and decrepit. There is no brotherhood between us, we are a different nation!

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