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    Baldizonism is the self-insert ideology of ArevalistSamurai1998. Its very syncretic and authoritarian, being culturally right, economically third positionist and ultranationalist.


    Baldizonism began to be developed around 2019 after ArevalistSamurai1998 grew disillusioned with the government of Jimmy Morales, whom he originally supported since he began his political life as some sort of Paleoconservative and supporter of Trump-style figures but Guatemala's deterioration during Morales' presidency along some private events made him questioning his ideas, beginning to be interested in the life of Nasser, thanks to a book he received from an uni friend, and in the Chinese Model after being assigned to do an investigation at college about the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping. However, he was still relatively supportive of US and the ideals it wanted to promote until a trip to his cousin's new home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, left him with a far more negative impression of the country, beginning ArevalistSamurai1998 turn towards anti-imperialism and skepticism of USA as a whole. However initially I tended to be aligned more closely with Strasserism and other extremist ideologies, even founding a small uni club we called "Partido de Mobilización Nacional (PMN)", usually joking that we were going to enter national politics (I'm still tempted) and it actually reached a peak of 110 members before it dissolved.

    General Description

    Baldizonism is fundamentally a conservative socialist ideology large influenced by Dengism and figures of the Post-Soviet Left and the former Eastern Bloc/Soviet Union. It advocates for a socialist mixed economy, nationalism, social conservatism and an authoritarian dominant party system inspired by East Germany's National Front. Its economic views are basically an implementation in the Central American context of policies inspired by Vietnam's Doi Moi reforms and China's economic model centered around an economy dominated by the state that is still liberalized and opened to private investment and enterprises and whose state functions, regarding economic management, in a technocratic way that focuses on achieving industrialization along large rates of economic growth while still maintaining a basic and comprehensive welfare system in order to develop a highly educated and populated population. On the political sphere, Baldizonism advocates what can be described as an ultranationalist version of Mao's Cultural Revolution but instead it would be focused on waking up national conscience in order to free Guatemala and later Central America from imperialistic domain while promoting am extreme variation of civic and cultural chauvinism along conservatism regarding some aspects of social relationships and the community, being especially opposed to homosexual marriage or transgenderism since both things target the continuous growth of the national people through the weakening of the family unit and promotion of cultural/civic individualism along particularist identitarianism. Despite this natalist/familialist policy, Baldizonism also advocates for State Atheism as a perpetual state policy in order to further enhance what I describe as the National Collective Entity (NCE), the sum of all parts of the national people, and to accelerate its total liberation from subjects that limit its functionality and capability, being organized religions such kind of subjects that limit the potential of nations and ties humankind's spirituality to the whims of clerics. Alongside this rejection of religion, Baldizonism advocates for an agressive promotion of cultural egalitarianism along the development of women's rights in order to make females and males equal regarding their participation, rights and productivity in the national community promoting female participation in the scientific, industrial, political, managerial and military spheres. Regarding the political system, Baldizonism proposes a popular front scheme similar to the National Front of the German Democratic Republic centered around a one-party state controlled by a popular front which will be headed by a dominant party that will be the one in charge of managing the state, however the satellite parties are meant to represent the popular minorities that do not entirely adhere to Baldizonism, requiring the individual signatures of these parties to pass legislation. Also besides the popular front, 20% of seats of the National People's Council will be reserved to independent candidates and representatives of small and medium sized businesses in order to guarantee plural national representation. Besides the Popular Front a compulsory national youth organization and a compulsory national women organization will be created as well to involve all members of society into the nation's political life while also training and promoting new political leadership. The state affairs will be totally managed by the Paramount Leader of the Nation who will be chosen in a primary election inside the dominant party while the symbolic representation of the country will be ceded to the figure of the President of the Republic, who will be elected through direct popular vote and who must be politically independent regarding partisanship in order to run.


    State & Government

    The State is conceived esentially as authoritarian and corporatist.



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