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    Welcome to the Baixian Federalism Page!

    For various reasons, this work is in progress.

    Note: Im re-writing this.


    Baixian Federalism is a fictional ideology, Non-Quadrant, and part of the Roleplay of Fictional Nations. It is a fictional and culturally variable ideology, but it generally leans towards authoritarian left and socialism.


    Baixian Federalism is a Non-Quadrant ideology, culturally variable, although most theorists of this ideology are from the Authoritarian Left.

    Baixian Federalism is an egalitarian ideology, based on Marxism with a socialist economy, although that depends on the leader of the United Federation of Bak Bax.

    Customs Service

    The Customs Service in the United Federation of Bak Bax is a complex service, as it is based on the customs service of "Papers, Please." Additionally, the United Federation of Bak Bax is based on the United Federation[3] from the game "Papers, Please." In fact, in the United Federation of Bak Bax, the Customs Service uses computers, just like in the United Federation.


    Federal Band Wars (1789-1797)

    Flag of the Federal Party

    The War of the Federal Side was one of the bloodiest conflicts in the United Federation of Bak Bax, but it ultimately led to the creation of the federation since the Federal Side emerged victorious.

    Before the federation, we were a viceroyalty of warlords, ruled by Spain, known as the "Viceroyalty of San Bax." After that, the illustrious Federals formed their faction with the objective of establishing a federation through an Armed Revolution, in which the renowned leader Friedrich Buenalucha fought fiercely. Buenalucha governed with an iron fist and battled against over 23,000 unitarians.

    Friedrich Buenalucha was a prominent warlord who became the first governor of our federation, which was founded in 1801. He was assassinated on September 27, 1850, by a rebel unitarian who was later executed in San Bax del Norte.

    The wars of the federal faction were protracted as the unitarians refused to surrender.

    Anthony Bax Bath Thought

    The Anthony Bax Bath Thought is an ideology based on the leader Anthony Bax Bath.

    The Anthony Bax Bath Thought is a culturally reactionary ideology with an economically extreme left stance, but politically it is on center-authoritarian left. It is based on planned economy and follows Marxist principles concerning economics. It is a complex ideology rooted in Reactionary Socialism, but it is egalitarian in nature, and therefore not feudalistic.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Baixian Federalism is an egalitarian ideology with a militaristic personality, reminiscent of that of strong military leaders (caudillos).

    How to Draw

    Flag of Baixian Federalism
    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw a eyes
    3. Draw the Baixian Flag
    4. (Optional) Draw the baixian shield
    5. Colour it!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Blue #251D59 37, 29, 89
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255

    Relationships of Baixian Federalism



    • Trotskyism - The revolution must be permanent! But, you are a bit liberal.
    • Stalinism - A fake communist, but a good leader But your followers are to toxic
    • Fascism - Italo Balbo, un vero rivoluzionario.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Authoritarian but Capitalist...
    • Nazism - You are too racist to me...
    • Guz - Too Racist to me…

    *Enemy Located*


    Comments of Baixian Federalism

    Navboxes of Baixian Federalism

    1. In the role of discord, the economy of the United Federation of Bak Bax, rose 79% during the first mandate of Anthony Bax Bath.
    2. In the Role play, the country is based on Tito's Yugoslavia.
    3. The name "United Federation of Bak Bax" is also based on the "United Federation" from the game "Papers, Please," as indicated by the use of the term United Federaion in the name. This connection adds an interesting reference and similarity between the fictional world of Bak Bax and the game "Papers, Please."
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