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    Baconism is a Centre Auth-Right Ideology and is Ideology of BaconWobbuffet/BaconWooper



    Culture should be preserved. No culture is better than another.


    If it's not violent nothing will be done to combat it. Also Racist Jokes aren't Racist.

    Foreign Policy

    Strict Borders, very limited Immigration.

    Animal Rights

    Don't fuck cats.


    It's difficult to talk about. Marriage is gross discouraged. You shouldn't hate gays but you shouldn't force people to support them. Don't care about the "T" lalala not listening.


    Religious Freedom is important. Everyone will be allowed to follow anything (except Atheism and Satanism) is allowed



    • SomeCrusader.png SomeCrusaderism - He's a tad soft. But he has a good heart and believes in the same ideals as me. You are like lookin' in a mirror!
    • Neoxothelism - Your name sound like a alien mob boss but otherwise VERY BASED. But you are also lib left. But yea VERY BASED!!!
    • Black Conservativism - Like you I was raised in a ghetto and I understand you. Black People in normally are more conservative compared to white. Like we don't support those transformers
    • ComradeShrekism - Islamic Brother. Communism is not very good but I can let it slide for you outweighing the bad
    • Tomboyism - Now we're talkin' strong women are important. Still we do need some girly girls but still.
    • Neo-Fantism - Based I guess. As long as I don't have to be progressive.


    Neutral Friendly:

    • Cheesenism - We are cool. But you're a Muslim now I have no problem with Muslims but you don't want bacon :(
    • LGBQIA Conservatism - You're cool. Remove the T though and you can really be conservative. Keep the QIA


    • Anarcho-Baconism - Y-you are a psychopath. But you're muh son and I love ya :)
    • Liberalism - Someone who actually cares about black people. Still don't get offended at racist jokes you aren't even black. Also I have a good opinion on you.

    Neutral Enemies:


    • Proggy Froggy- Damn Proggy Froggy runin' my day :C
    • Communism - Look I don't hate you but you don't let me have any muniez :(


    • Femboyism - No. I've no more to say but no. No others words can discribe the distain I have for you except no. No. Pls commit die


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