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    Backrooms Imperialism

    Backrooms Imperialism is the ideology that believes that humanity should explore and colonize the Backrooms spaces and dimensions. It is similar to but more complex than standard imperialism and space colonialism, as it requires mass no-clipping into liminal spaces. The way to practice this may involve breaking out of the 3-dimensional world we live in to explore a fourth spatial dimension, among other things. The way of practicing the ideology (if possible) would depend on the nature of the Backrooms and reality as we know them.

    The extent of Backrooms Imperialism may depend on how big the Backrooms are. Some theories only include the original backrooms (yellow wall, musty floor, loud fluorescent lighting) while others may include the entire Backrooms (hundreds or thousands of individual levels). If the latter were true, the Backrooms could provide a large amount of living space equal to potentially hundreds of times greater living space than the housing of today. A good chunk of Backrooms levels are unsafe, meaning they would have to be terraformed. Levels like Level 5 or Level ! may be extremely hard to terraform due to their nature.

    The highest known level number in the Backrooms is 9223372036854775807 (about 9 quintillion), but a large chunk of these (if not the majority of them) are hazardous to human civilization (Talking about you, level !, yes, level ! truly). Negative-number levels exist, increasing the theoretical number of Backrooms to ~18 quintillion. Sublevels between the Backrooms levels may increase the number by anywhere from a few times to several orders of magnitude. Any civilization that can meaningfully take over the Backrooms (or at least a sizeable fraction of it) would possibly rank anywhere from middle-late Kardashev 1 to middle Kardashev 2.

    The Backrooms have resources, but not nearly as many is standard reality. Food, water, and electricity (level 3 momento) can be present, and the different levels may have different atmospheres/climates/abundant resources.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw four vertical stripes in the ball.
    3. Fill the leftmost and rightmost two stripes with yellow. (#f2ee0f)
    4. Fill the center-left vertical stripe a darker yellow. (#d6c719)
    5. Fill the center-right vertical stripe a greyish-blue. (#4a4a56)
    6. Draw a black ship. (#141414)
    7. Draw eyes.


    Fellow Colonists

    Infected Colonists

    Inkblot smilers oh no!!

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