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    Backroomism states that the Backrooms are a real and actually-existing open space outside of normal reality. The story of the Backrooms initiated on 4chan in 2019 when a photo of the yellow, musty interior of a building (now known as Level 0) was posted. Over time, this story spread to Fandom and Wikidot, with hundreds and potentially thousands or millions of levels being a part of the canon. The highest known level number on the Backrooms FANDOM is 1000. Transportation between different Backrooms levels is done by "no-clipping" through different means and gateways in the Backrooms, often leading to other sections of the Backrooms. There are some ways to leave the Backrooms, such as completing tasks in Level 399, and there are some levels that are extremely hard to escape (e.g. the Void).

    In spite of all of the extended Backrooms, there are still some who do not like the expanded canon and only support having a few Backrooms levels (some say just keep one, the original).

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in with three vertical columns.
    3. Fill the leftmost and rightmost stripes with yellow. (#f2ee0f)
    4. Fill the middle stripe with dark yellow. (#d6c719)
    5. Draw the eyes.



    • Backrooms Imperialism - My son who wants to colonize the Backrooms for all humanity.
    • Anonism - Really good stuff comes from 4chan sometimes.
    • SCPism - I like having entities and unusually quirky spaces, just like you.


    • Deep Ecology - I guess?!
    • Fantasyism - Not my kind of thing, but okay.
    • Fandomism - At least you can keep a wiki alive. We also have a community on Wikidot.


    • Positivism - The backrooms are actually a thing, cry about it!


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