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    BEism 2ism is the actual unironic political beleifs of BE. it revolves almost completely around the rejection of change.

    BEism 2ism's main beleifs are as followed:

    • Change is bad. everything should be as it is now, forever.
    • Any solution that causes a problem, even if the problem created is lesser than the problem fixed, is unacceptable.
    • Anything that causes problems for others is inherently evil.
    • Problems should not be fixed before they happen.
    • Inaction, when possible, is always preferred over action.
    • The world does not function, but there is nothing that can be done to make it function.
    • The only good change is change that makes it harder for change to occur in the future.
    • All taxation is immoral, but some taxation is practical.
    • Jesus


    The main goal of BEism 2ism is to create a stable environment, as a stable environment is a safe environment. BEism 2ism sees change as something that causes problems for others, and things that cause problems for others are inherently evil.


    One of BEism 2ism's main beliefs is that a decentralized government is more resilient to change, and a broken up society is less likely to be swayed by trends.


    Another way BEism 2ism rejects change in the government is by making it too small to change. This also accomplishes the dual purpose of preventing the government from interfering with the lives of others, something BEism 2ism sees as inherently evil.


    the protection of local cultures is one of BEism 2ism's main goals. This is mostly accomplished with a regionalized government.


    • BEism 2ism believes large, Multinational corporations sanitize cultures and degrade civilization.
    • BEism 2ism believes saying good things about one's self is an extremely narcissistic thing to do, and is disgusted by commercials.
    • BEism 2ism is opposed to the american court system.
    • BEism 2ism believes blocking roads for any reason other than maintenance is morally repugnant.
    • Though BEism 2ism opposes the death penalty, it does support cruel and unusual punishments.
    • BEism 2ism believes low birth rates are the biggest threat to sociaty. although BEism 2ism sees mandated maternity leave and government funded child care as possible solutions to this problem, it believes these would only be temporary fixes, and the only real way to maintain birth rates over the level of replacement is to lower the quality of life and return to the conditions that made large families standard in the past.
    • BEism 2ism believes the erosion of local cultures is the second biggest threat to sociaty.
    • BEism 2ism believes the erosion in general is the third biggest threat to sociaty.
    • BEism 2ism believes conflict is a necessary part of life, as it keeps people focused on real issues, as opposed to creating fake ones to fix.
    • BEism 2ism believes social security is a pyramid scheme.


    BEism 2ism hates liberals and democrats.

    How to draw

    Flag of BEism 2ism
    1. draw a ball
    2. draw a yellow stripe
    3. draw wacked out star





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